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  • 1. Top 5 Workplace Trends in 2014

2. 1At Staples, We Mean Business Today and Tomorrow The workplace is changing faster than ever. Understanding and embracing these changes can help your business manage uncertainty, boost productivity and gain a competitive advantagetoday and down the road. At Staples Advantage, were here to help. We go beyond office supplies to offer guidance and insights to help you make your business vision happen. 3. 22014s Top 5 Workplace Trends Forecasting ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world.1. Flexibility & co-working It may be time to rethink the role of the traditional workplace.2. Wellness approach Better health is no longer a nice to have its a driver for employee efficiency.3. Space customization The diverse knowledge economy calls for a variety of spaces for a variety of employee needs.4. Sustainability Not only the right thing to do for the environment, but vital for lowering costs and attracting the best employees.5. BYOD to work Allowing employees to bring and use their own devices at work helps boost productivity and savings. 4. 3Seismic Demographic Shifts Its no longer about 20-somethings and women fitting into a mans world. They already are (and will continue to be) redefining the workplace. 18% of baby boomers will retire in the next five years. [Forbes] By 2015, 36% of the American workforce will be millennials. [Forbes] By 2025, millennials will account for 75% of the global marketplace. [Time] In 2014, 40% of households with children younger than 18 include a mother who is the sole or primary earner for her family. [Pew Research] 1 billion women will enter the workplace in the next decade. [Intuit] 5. 41. The Flexible Workday New technologies are changing where, when, and how we can work. Employees who have more flexible work situations report feeling healthier and more productive.By 2020, its estimated that freelance workers will make up 40% of the workforce. [Forbes]Of non-traditional workers (freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs) in flexible work settings71% of people surveyed were more creative62% reported that their measure of work improved significantly69% of modern workers believe working in a physical office is unnecessary on a regular basis. [Cisco]90% said they felt more confident70% reported feeling healthier 6. 51. Co-worker Has a New Meaning Todays flexible employees still need to feel socially connected. Internal or external, co-workspaces are here to stay.Co-working spaces can accommodate peak demand, or support special project teams for a set period of time, and can be used as a way to maintain connections to unique, innovative business communities. - Jan Johnson, Workplace Trends: What We Can Expect in 2014 [Staples Advantage blog] 7. 62. Healthy Bodies, Minds, and Bottom Lines Employee health will be more important than ever this year for productivity and savings.$200 billion$60 billion10% The EPA estimates that sick business syndrome costs businesses between $60 and $200 billion a year. [Sodexo]Up to 10% of employee absences can be directly attributed to lack of views of the outside. [RTKL] 8. 72. Wellness Is the New Green. . . In an age where 90% of our waking hours are spent in artificial worlds1, the health of our inside environments becomes crucial.The 10 aspects of the indoor environment that are the most effective areas for improving wellness are activity, water and nutrition, restorative environments, ergonomics, autonomy, biophilia, indoor environmental quality, lighting, acoustics, and motivators. - Rod Vickroy, Wellness is the New Green, [Gensler] 9. 83. One Open Plan Doesnt Fit Everyone Mixing collaboration-friendly spaces with more private focus spaces helps all employees feel more engaged and supported in their work.4x the growth, 1/3 the turnover The migration to the open plan environment is failing many employees when implemented in the absence of proper places to focus, relax and gather as teams. [Gensler] In opposition to the trend of workplaces being designed to encourage collaboration, workers today are spending more time on focused, individual tasks than they were 5 years ago. [Architecture News]A Cornell University study of 320 small businesses showed that companies that grant employees choice in where to do their work grew at 4x and had 1/3 the turnover of more control-oriented firms. [Gensler] 10. 93. Work/Space BalanceWe need to realize we have to be more thoughtful about how to support a variety of activities with a mix of spaces and protocols that enable concentration. - Jan Johnson, Workplace Trends: What We Can Expect in 2014 [Staples Advantage blog] 11. 104. Green Is Good Protecting the environment through more sustainable operations is good for business (and yes, its also the right thing to do).High-sustainability companies significantly outperform their counterparts over the long term, both in terms of stock market and accounting performance. [Harvard Business Review]64% of millennials say its a priority for them to make the world a better place. [Forbes] 12. 114. A Better Work Climate Sustainable practices enhance your companys reputationinside and out.Sustainability, however, creates opportunity for engagement, collaboration, and innovation. If you dont have the culture to support sustainability and innovation, then you wont be able to achieve your goals. - Izabela Popova, Employee Engagement Drives Sustainability Strategy [Environmental Leader] 13. 125. Mobilize Productivity Employees increasingly have choice in the mobile devices they bring and use at work which leads to greater productivity and work-life integration.Mobile global penetration is currently at 91%and the personal cloud will replace the PC as the hub of consumers digital lives this year. [Macheen]Gartner predicts that the Bring Your Own Devicetrend will result in the doubling or tripling of the mobile workforce. [Gartner]90% of organizations will support corporate applications on a variety of personal devices this year. [Macheen]The most important apps to an organization are those that manage email/calendars (90%) and line of business tools (52%). [Citrix] 14. 135. Head in the BYOD Cloud By enabling employees to securely and easily access corporate data on their own devices, productivity levels will naturally increase. In terms of cost savings, there are huge benefits, since SMBs will not have to manage and fund a second device for employees. - Mark Coates, What is BYOD and Why Is It Important?, [Tech Radar] 15. 14Smart Business Resources You can start implementing the best of these ideas todayand you dont have to spend a fortune. But you could probably use a partner. Thats where we come in. For our business solutions, visit: For more tips and tools to build your business, visit our blog at: