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Bally Chohan Travel Tips is an exclusive online resource for amazing travel ideas and holiday destination plans. Find out top 10 most expensive city in the world with Bally Chohan. If you are planning your holiday then it is the high time to know your city better. Singapore got the first slot and Copenhagen stayed at 10th Position. This survey was done by the Economist in 2014 and it is surprised to see that London is nowhere in top 10 expensive city.



2. Bally Chohan Travel Tips Bally Chohan is a renowned travel blogger and loves blogging about amazing holiday destinations and excieting tourist locations. Discover all the frugal living tips and add colour to your travel. Worldwide Cost of Living survey has done by Economist Intelligence Units in 2014. EIU has selected 131 cities across the world and compared them more than 400 different price indicators from shopping to utility bills. This presentation complies all the top 10 cities in the world. Know your city before you visit and make your holiday memorable. 3. Rank 1 - Singapore Country Singapore, City Singapore, Rank Movement 5 Singaporeans work the most number of hours per week in the world. Explore various tourist attractions with Bally Chohan. 4. Rank 2 - Paris Country France, City Paris, Rank Movement 6 It is also one of the worlds safe haven cities. Explore more at: 5. Rank 3 - Oslo Country Norway, City Oslo, Rank Movement 1 The apple of Oslos eye is The Opera House. 6. Rank 4 - Zurich Country Switzerland, City Zurich, Rank Movement 3 Zurich is known for its highly efficient, planned and safe public transport system. Explore Zurich with Bally Chohan. 7. Rank 5 - Sydney Country Australia, City Sydney, Rank Movement - -2 Sydney is known as the Harbour City. Know more tourist attractions at bally chohan travel tips. 8. Rank 6 - Caracas Country Venezuela, City Caracas, Rank Movement 3 Gastronomy Caracas is famous for its high quality restaurants. Explore more cultural information with Bally Chohan. 9. Rank 7 - Geneva Country Switzerland, City Geneva, Rank Movement 4 Geneva is known for its geographical attractions, culture and watches. Bally Chohan Travel Tips offers many amazing travel tips. 10. Rank 8 - Melbourne Country Australia, City Melbourne, Rank Movement - -2 It is famous for the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Explore more at: 11. Rank 9 - Tokyo Country Japan, City Tokyo, Rank Movement - -5 Tokyo vividly display the heritage of one of the oldest nations in the world. Learn more about holiday attractions of 2014 with Bally Chohan. 12. Rank 10 - Copenhagen Country Denmark, City Copenhagen, Rank movement 5 Copenhagen is the capital of the happiest country on Earth and the centre of the designer goods universe. See more at: 13. Nurture your travel bud with Bally Chohan Travel tipsone step closer to your dream.