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  2. 2. Orange Is The New Black Bally Chohan is a renowned fashion designer. 2014 is going to be orange. You will see less black during spring and summer. This is colour of joy and happiness. This is very hot and vibrant colour. Orange is the colour of sunshine, warmth, enthusiasm, health and freedom.
  3. 3. Mono Is Forever Bally Chohan Fashion is a leading fashion consultant in the UK. Winter is over, but you dont need to stop wearing black and white. Mono is forever. In this new season, you can go for mono jumpsuits, jackets, dresses or shoes. This will make you look young and chick. Accentuate your beauty with mono this season.
  4. 4. Culottes Should Be In Your Wardrobe Culottes is one of the essential dress for this season. According to Bally Chohan, culottes looks hot and sexy. It can easily go with a tee and heels. Its a multipurpose dress both for casuals and formals. Flaunt your beauty with flattering culottes this summer.
  5. 5. Go For Mules This Season Many people come to Bally Chohan for fashion consultancy. Find out whats new in this season. Must buy a pair of mule this new season. High streets are offering verities of mules. Dont spend much on designer shoes, when you can get it cheaper at your local shops. See more at:
  6. 6. Shower Your Love For Denim Bally Chohan consult their clients on fashion and style ideas. There is no need to pack your denim. This is one common thing of every wardrobe. Go for shopping and try our different denim dress this new season. Go springy with denim.
  7. 7. Thank You Get all the latest fashion, style and beauty tips from Bally Chohan. Ba fashionable and follow fresh fashion. Know the beauty secret of your favourite stars. Everything at your doorstep!! Read More at: