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Bally get Tips about SEO Guru


  • 1.Welcome

Bally Chohan say Why is internet marketing important?
It gives companies the ability to:
Drive high quality customers to their website
Increase sales leads from customers looking for their products and services
Build their brand online by communicating marketing messages to their target audience
Increase their profile against their competitors
Target a global audience via international search engines
Be accountable with ROI tracking (SEM)

  • Bally chohan says what is deffrrence b/w seo and sem

5. Search engine optimization (SEO)- no cost per click

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

- cost per click
Bally chohan it solution , Leading brand for Promotional activities and Internet marketing.
Bally chohan it solution a leading Online Financial Services and internet marketing firm was set up in the year 2000, by Mr. bally chohan. Domestic operation had already commenced in 1998with emphasis in internet marketing on time material basis largely catering to Global Market. We have several clienteles in India and Abroad.
7. We have established relationships with clients in India and Abroad who open contact us for financial services.
We take time to keep in touch through internet with emerging and growing companies.
Keeping the long term growth objectives in mind, bally chohan it solution evolved business relationship with the leading company such as- Webworldexperts, Lawconsults, POConsultants,,, etc. The plans to address both overseas and Indian market.
8. Google Search Engine
10. 11. According Bally ChohanCreate Google Analytics id
Google Analytics now makes thefeature that experts demand easy to use for everyone. Gain rich insights into your website traffic with Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Motion Charts, and more.
Learn more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site. You'll get the information you need to write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting websites. Learn more about the benefits. Google Analytics is free to everyone, whether you are an advertiser, publisher, or site owner.
You can now use your Google Analytics login to access Website Optimizer. Find out which page designs, headlines, and graphics convert the most visitors.
Google wants you to attract more of the traffic you are looking for and help you turn more visitors into customers. Use Google analytics to learn which online marketing initiative are cost effectiveand see how visitors actually interact with your site. Make informed site design improvements, drive targeted traffic, and increase your conversions and profits. For this first of all you have to create an account inGoogle analytics
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21. Visitors
22. Traffic sources
23. Content
24. Goals
25. Web master tool
Webmaster central tool-
Webmaster Tools helps you see how your site is performing in our search results, troubleshoot potential problems, and build Google-friendly sites. Webmaster Tools is for anybody with a website - bloggers, online stores big and small, and government and education sites. If you're online, we can help.
26. Overview
27. Setting
28. Diagnostics
29. Statistics
30. Links
31. Sitemaps
32. Tools