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1. TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRIES FOR TRUCK DRIVERS 2. RUSSIAHome to the Trans-Siberian highway, its little surprise that this expansive country takes the top spot. With environments ranging from mountain peaks to expansive desserts, only the toughest truck drivers should undertake a cross-country journey. 1 3. MEXICOWith significant traffic leading to highway blockages, truck drivers in Mexico regularly find themselves heading down dangerous dirt roads, full of twists, turns and unstable terrain. 2 4. ITALYWith the Italian Alps containing a treacherous 2.7 km winding road, Italy certainly requires drivers to be at the top of their game. 3 5. ECUADORWith similar infrastructure issues as Mexico, Ecuadors highways are full of potholes, slippery slopes and unpredictable drivers on the roads. Take care at night: Ecuador is well-known for unsafe behaviour when the sun goes down. 4 6. ENGLANDA surprising entry at number five, England is home to Highway 44, one of the most dangerous strips of road in the world for head-on collisions. Despite government measures, the highway continues to rack-up some seriously alarming statistics. 5 7. CHILEIronically, its the quality of the roads in Chile that are its ultimate downfall. The relatively well paved highways lead many drivers to speed excessively, leading to an alarming number of accidents in the country. 6 8. CHINAWith China being so vast, its little surprise that this country comes in on our top ten. The Sichuan- Tibet Highway is particularly dangerous, with a death rate of 7,500 per 100,000 drivers. 7 9. GREECEWith its narrow winding roads, Greece is a dangerous place to travel for small cars, let alone big trucks! With no guardrails in place, drivers are also offered little protection in emergencies. 8 10. SCOTLANDLike Australia, the long drives between major centres can be the cause of some seriously dangerous driving behaviour. Scotland has a record number of road accidents related to over- tiredness on the job. 9 11. USALast but not least, the USA claims the tenth spot in our list of dangerous roads. The sheer number of drivers on the roads, as well as poorly lit conditions, contributes to its high number of road accidents. 10 12.