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<ul><li><p>1Truck Drivers </p><p>GuiDe</p><p>Quality ISO 9001</p><p>Health &amp; SafetyOHSAS 18001</p></li><li><p>2 3</p><p>contractor safety charter</p><p> What does the Contractor Safety Charter mean to Coates Hire?Our duty under Work Health and Safety legislation and Road Transport legislation requires that appropriate systems are in place to manage risks associated with Contractors, particularly in the transport of heavy plant and equipment. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through a partnership where each party accepts and shares the following responsibilities.</p><p>Coates Hire MissionTo be recognised by our customers, peers and ourselves as the leader in the markets we serve and to operate injury and incident free.</p><p>At Coates Hire, we are committed to achieving the best outcomes for the safety, health and welfare of our employees, customers, contractors, visitors and the wider community. We strive to operate injury and incident free.</p><p>Leigh Ainsworth, CEO Coates Hire</p><p>Effective management of safety and health is essential to mutual success of both our Contractors and Coates Hire. The Coates Hire Contractor Safety Charter has been developed to enhance the safety and health expectations for our Contractors. We will support our business partners and Contractors in meeting our safety and health standards. </p><p>This Safety Charter outlines the behaviours we expect from our Contractors and the behaviours our Contractors can expect from Coates Hire. This entails working together as partners in applying the standards in the best interests of our employees, customers, Contractors, visitors and the wider community.</p><p>By acknowledging this Charter, our Contractors commit their support to the following:</p><p>To believe that nothing is more important than the safety, health and well-being of employees, contractors, visitors and the surrounding community;</p><p> To integrate safety and health into business strategies, processes and performance measures, and to recognise that good safety and health performance is good for business</p><p> To provide an atmosphere that facilitates engagement and collaboration in developing, promoting and improving safety</p><p> To effectively manage safety and health risks by eliminating, minimising or controlling risks</p><p> To provide the leadership and capacity for safety management</p><p> To extend safety and health efforts beyond the workplace, recognising and supporting related initiatives within the home and community and</p><p> To share information and best practices, with the goal of continuously improving safety and health strategies, and performance.</p><p>Please communicate these expectations with your employees so they understand how this Charter impacts them, their job and the way your organisation represents Coates Hire in their day to day operations. Coates Hire wants everyone to know it is essential they work injury and incident free wherever they work with Coates Hire. </p><p>Leigh Ainsworth</p><p>CEO</p></li><li><p>4 5</p><p>contractor safety charter1. We recognise and accept our obligations to maintain and promote safe systems of work and safe transport operations.</p><p>2. We undertake to comply with all WHS, environment and road transport laws applicable to our operations. All contract workers and drivers will be trained and verified as competent operators and understand the following issues:</p><p> Being fit for duty alert, healthy and prepared for the driving task</p><p> Observing speed limits &amp; seat belt laws</p><p> Observing fatigue regulations</p><p> Not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol</p><p> Not tailgating other vehicles</p><p> Apply reliable and effective load restraint practices</p><p> Being considerate of other road users</p><p> Not using noisy engine brakes at inappropriate times and places</p><p> Travelling in left lanes unless overtaking</p><p> Obeying all other laws</p><p>3. We will not knowingly make or meet any demand or requirement that would cause us to breach road transport laws applying to our operations.</p><p>4. We will actively support the development of appropriate industry codes of conduct, Charters of practice and safety guidelines for the purpose of promoting compliance with road transport and OHS laws.</p><p>5. We will also ensure that we have in place suitable and adequate processes, programs, policies and training so that we comply with all relevant laws.</p><p>6. We recognise and accept that our obligations include:</p><p> Queuing and scheduling requirements to reduce the risk of driver fatigue and speeding.</p><p> Loading and unloading facilities to reduce safety risks. </p><p> Ensuring we use safe and fit for purpose vehicles that are appropriately designed, equipped and maintained</p><p> A commitment to driver health and safety</p><p>7. We will actively support this Charter for the purpose of promoting compliance with laws and promoting safe behaviour, within the workplace and on the road.</p><p>8. We recognise and accept that the safety of our employees and the public are key elements for meeting our obligations under this Charter.</p><p>9. We undertake to consult with our employees and customers to meet our obligations under chain of responsibility, applicable road law and WHS legislation to provide and maintain transport operations that are safe for all involved.</p><p>How will we achieve this partnership?Coates Hire has a set of minimum safety standards across all divisions of Coates Hire and associated entities with which Coates Hires Contractors are expected to comply. Divisions may have additional expectations and requirements, over and above, that address specific operational risks.</p><p>Issue Minimum Safety Standard</p><p>Safe Systems of Work Competent only licensed, trained, qualified and authorised personnel to conduct work.</p><p> Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) tasks must have a suitable SWMS that are readily available on site. In some cases Coates Hire will specify how equipment is to be operated or loaded. Work must be conducted in compliance with the SWMS requirements.</p><p> Incidents and Injuries incidents and injuries sustained must be reported to the site manager and to your Coates Hire Contract Manager. Incidents must be investigated and findings reported to Coates Hire, where required.</p><p>Safe and Healthy People Safety and Health Requirements do not override or interfere with safety and health provisions and caution others not to override or interfere with safety devices or practices.</p><p> Substance Abuse no person may work if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This includes prescription medication that may compromise safety.</p><p> Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) PPE requirements applicable to a given task must be adhered to.</p><p> Fatigue Management manage the risks associated with fatigue in the workplace. Identify factors that contribute to fatigue and discuss with your personnel, make changes as required (including sleep patterns, workload, roster and lifestyle factors), and seek professional help if necessary.</p><p> Authorised Use only licensed, trained, qualified and authorised personnel to use plant and equipment.</p><p>Safe Plant and Equipment Safe Plant and Equipment plant and equipment must be fit for purpose and comply with applicable Standards and Legislative requirements.</p><p> Test/Tag portable power tools must be tested and tagged.</p><p> The following obligations exist in the application of our Minimum Standards: When implementing and maintaining the Minimum Standards, consult applicable legal and other requirements (including </p><p>legislation, Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidelines, and other Coates Hire advice etc).</p><p> Prior to the application of the Minimum Standards, a documented risk assessment should be undertaken in relation to risks associated with your activities.</p><p> There must be appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision provided when implementing the Minimum Standards.</p><p> The Minimum Standards do not replace any obligation to comply with legal and other requirements, including other Coates Hire requirements.</p><p>The Minimum Safety Standards have been developed around those activities that have historically contributed to incidents and injuries at Coates Hire. </p></li><li><p>6 7</p><p>The following table outlines the responses that will apply for non-conformance. These are applicable to both the Head Contractor and/or the individual worker.</p><p>Non-Conformance Response Level</p><p>The issuing of a Warning Notice for a violation to individual(s) and/or the contracting company(s).</p><p>Warnings are verbal or written notices placing an individual(s) and/ or the contracting company(s) on notice for a violation. Two warnings given in a three month period may result in the automatic escalation of consequences to a suspension or breach.</p><p>4</p><p>Suspended from attending a nominated Coates Hire workplace(s) for a defined period of time.</p><p>Suspension is the temporary measure of not allowing an individual(s) and/or contracting company(s) the right to conduct work for Coates Hire or the non-issuing of future jobs to an individual(s) and/or contracting company(s) for a defined period of time.</p><p>3</p><p>Excluded from attending a nominated Coates Hire workplace(s) indefinitely.</p><p>Exclusion is the permanent measure of not allowing an individual(s) and/or contracting company(s) the right to conduct work at a Coates Hire workplace(s) or the non-issuing of future jobs to an individual and/or contracting company(s) for the life of the contract.</p><p>2</p><p>Contract termination with the possibility of future restrictions on tendering work for Coates Hire.</p><p> 1</p><p>FeedbackIf you have any suggestions to improve this Charter, or how safety can be improved please contact your Coates Hire Contract Manager. We all have the responsibility to comply with this Charter and make it our way of doing business. If you feel Coates Hire is not meeting its safety obligations please talk to your Coates Hire Contract Manager, ie the person who engaged your services.</p><p>Drivers Guide 2011</p></li><li><p>8 9</p><p>Working with coates Hire General Issues</p><p>1. IntroductionThe Coates Hire Truck Drivers Guide contains the information required for all drivers who transport Coates Hire equipment. It details the responsibilities of all Coates Hire drivers; general transport safety and specific procedures for the safe loading and unloading of Coates Hire equipment.</p><p>Coates Hire expects that all drivers, including those contracted by Coates Hire to transport equipment, follow the guidelines outlined in this manual. This manual is to be carried in the cab of all vehicles that transport Coates Hire equipment. It will be periodically reviewed and updated.</p><p>The manual has a preface the Coates Hire Contractor Safety Charter which all Contractors engaged by Coates Hire are required to comply with. The Drivers Guide is divided into two parts:</p><p>Part One: Working with Coates Hire General Issues.</p><p>Part Two: The Coates Hire Loading Guide, which contains</p><p> Section A - Safe Transport Principles for Coates Hire Heavy Plant Equipment </p><p> Section B - Procedures for Loading Specific Equipment Types.</p><p>2. Your roles and responsibilitiesDrivers are very important to Coates Hire and you are often the most frequent contact with our customers. It is important that you have a safe work environment and that Coates Hire equipment is transported:</p><p> Safely</p><p> Economically</p><p> With minimised risk to the environment</p><p> Professionally</p><p>2.2. Health, Environmental Safety LegislationYou are required to abide by all relevant Health, Safety and environmental legislation. According to this you must among other things:</p><p> Take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and others</p><p> Co-operate with Coates Hire in the approach taken to protect the health and safety of employees and visitors</p><p> Abide by the relevant Health and Safety legislation</p><p> Follow directions given with regards to safe working practices/procedures</p><p> Take care of the environment and prevent pollution</p><p> Drive in a manner that minimises fuel usage remissions</p><p>Note: If you are a Coates Hire Contractor you are required to comply with our Contractor Management Procedure which among other things requires you to; Have passed our two online Contractor training modules* Had a site safety induction Report to front office every time you conduct work for Coates Hire Present your Coates Hire Contractor Induction Card on request Follow Coates Hire safety procedures</p><p>The link to the online training modules is: http://www.coateshire.com.au/contractor-induction/. Drivers must complete the General Contractor Induction as well as the Truck Drivers Induction</p><p>2.3. Dress requirementsYou are expected to wear or have available appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. The minimum requirements are:</p><p> Safety boots.</p><p> A neatly presented uniform - with high visibility colours (safety vest) is required. Our safety standards and also many of our major customers require long trousers and long sleeved shirts.</p><p> Safety glasses to be worn at all times within Coates Hire yards, and as required by task demands.</p><p> Work gloves.</p><p> A safety helmet to be carried some customer worksites require you to wear them.</p><p>2.4. Relationships and Customer ServiceCustomer service is an essential aspect of our business. Coates Hire drivers are the face of Coates Hire for many of our customers. Your role in providing professional customer service is essential to our business. In order to provide good customer service you are responsible for:</p><p> Ensuring that you are fit for duty (which includes being well rested and not impaired by alcohol or drugs).</p><p> Obeying all customer site rules.</p><p> Wearing safety equipment that is appropriate to the customer site and the equipment involved</p><p> When you arrive at a Coates Hire or a customer site you must report to the branch, site or transport manager so that they know where you are in case of an emergency.</p><p> It is also important that you act in a friendly, courteous and helpful manner to staff and customers and that you pass on any customer feedback to your manager/supervisor.</p><p>2.5. If youre Involved in Motor Vehicle AccidentEach vehicle must carry insurance details in its glove box. In case of an accident be courteous and exchange information with drivers of other vehicles. Do not admit to anyone that you were at fault.</p><p>If you are involved in an accident or a safety incident, call emergency services if they are required (Dial 000) then call your Manager and tell what has happened. If persons are injured offer first aid or other assistance to the extent of your capability and if safe to do so.</p><p>3. Your Safety Fatigue and SpeedCoates Hire is aware of the pressures in the transport industry leading some drivers to spend excessive time at the wheel, and having insufficient rest breaks. These factors can contribute to fatigue, speeding and accidents.</p><p>Coates Hire managers typically allocate jobs on a case by case, one off manner, thus we have no visibility of what you will do that day, or what you have done over the previous week. No Coates Hire job is so urgent that you need to break the law. Therefore we ask:</p><p> That you do not exceed your legal work hours</p><p> You do not commence a Coates Hire job unless you are fit and rested</p><p> You do not take on a job for Coates Hire that would put you in jeopardy of exceedi...</p></li></ul>