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Owner-Operator and Independent Truck Drivers

Owner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers

Assorted Facts, Statistics, and Quick ConclusionsDeck Prepared by George Sloane

Numbers, Type, and Driving StatisticsApproximately 350,000-400,000 registered in the USMost are Truck Load (TL) carriersMost drive 100,000+ miles per yearAlmost all (95%) run soloAverage net income about $40,000-50,000 per year

Owner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane2

Age and Industry Experience

Average age: 55 years oldAverage industry tenure: 26 yearsAverage age they became an Owner-Operator: 37 years oldAverage owner-operator tenure: 18 years

Owner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane3

About Their Trucks

Most are Heavy Trucks or aka Class 8 trucksTwo-thirds have their truck paid offTruck is likely a 10-15 year old (2003 model year) Peterbilt or Freightliner truck with a Caterpillar engine450 horsepower or greater engine with 13 speed or 18 speed transmission Trailer is probably a Reefer or Flatbed followed by Dry VansMany own more than one truck and trailer (1.2)Average annual maintenance is $14,000Biggest maintenance issues are tire or engine related

Owner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane4

Demographics-Personal CharacteristicsGender: Majority are male (about 4-5% female)Race: Majority are Caucasian (about 10-13% minority)Weight: 220+lbs on averageHeight: 510 on averageSmoker: About one in five (on the decline)Exercise: Slightly more than one third do regularlyOwner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane5

Political LeaningsMilitary service: 36%Registered voters: 90%More than three quarters voted in the last national electionMore than half have contacted an elected official to share their positionsPolitical affiliation: Mostly Republican, IndependentMore than half are conservative leaning in their viewsOwner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane6

Education Levels86% high school graduates45% have some college educationOwner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane7

Home BaseMajority have lived in same area for 11+ yearsMost live in a more rural areaMost spend 100+ nights away from homeMore than one third spend 200+ nights away from homeMajority (69%) on desktop computer, laptop or bothAbout three quarters own a firearmOwner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane8

Quick Conclusions for End-User MarketingBusiness owners All would respond to cost reduction and savings offset messaging and offersTruck is their bread and butter All know the importance of truck being up and running, so proactive messaging should be highly effectiveMale and independent Most would likely respond to rugged individualist and working man messagingPolitics and Military Service Many would probably respond to patriotic themed messagingComputer owners-- Most can be marketed to via internet, email, and other electronic meansRemote nature of work Challenge to reach them on the road (email addresses important)Owner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane9

Quick Conclusions for Dealer/Service Provider MarketingDealers-- Need materials and training on cost-benefit sales presentations and upselling at point-of-saleRepair Providers Need materials and training on preventative selling at time of emergency and routine mechanical repairsFinancing Companies Also need materials and training on cost-benefit sales presentations and upselling at point-of-salePotential theme focus: Protect the investmentBe proactive regarding the inevitable repairsOwner-Operator/Independent Truck Drivers George Sloane10

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