the wives of henry viii. henry viii henry viii was king of england from 1509 until 1547. he was born...

Download The Wives of Henry VIII. Henry VIII Henry VIII was king of England from 1509 until 1547. He was born in 1491, and was only 17 years and 10 months old

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  • The Wives of Henry VIII

  • Henry VIIIHenry VIII was king of England from 1509 until 1547. He was born in 1491, and was only 17 years and 10 months old when he became king.Henry composed music, which we can listen to at

    Henry VIII

  • Catherine of AragonBorn in SpainHad been married to Henrys brother Arthur who diedMarried Henry in 1509She had six children but only one survived a daughter, MaryAfter 20 years of marriage Henry tried to get her to become a nun, she refusedHenry changed history and divorced Catherine. He had fallen in love with her lady in waiting.Catherine would be forever separated from her daughter

  • Anne BoleynBorn in EnglandHenry and Anne were married in 1533 in secret because Henry hadnt got rid of his first wife yet!Had two children but only one survived, a daughter, ElizabethWhen she gave birth to a still-born son, Henry was convinced that God thought that his marriage was wrong, because the annulment had been wrong, and that he was cursing him by not giving him a son. Later Anne was arrested for being unfaithful to HenryShe was beheaded at the Tower of London.

  • Jane SeymourBorn in EnglandMaid-in-waiting to Anne BoleynJane was betrothed to Henry within 24 hrs of Annes deathShe had one child, a son, Edward (who would die at age 16)Jane died two weeks after giving birthBuried with Henry VIII

  • Anne of ClevesBorn in GermanyMarried her to form an alliance with GermanyHenry had a painting of her made but when he met her he thought she was ugly and called her an ugly horse.They married but did not live together They had no childrenHenry divorced her

  • Catherine HowardBorn in EnglandShe was the lady in waiting for AnneShe was very attractive and 19 when she married a 50 year old Henry. They had no children, mainly because she didnt like Henry and had lots of other boyfriends!Henry wasnt very happy about this, and she was beheaded in 1542.

  • Catherine ParrBorn in EnglandShe had been married twice beforeThey had no childrenHenry married her to look after him in his old ageShe outlived him as Henry died in 1547 and she died in 1548.

  • The Wives of Henry VIIIAnne BoleynCatherine HowardCatherine ParrAnne of ClevesJane SeymourCatherine of Aragon

  • QuestionsDid she have children?


    Was she beheaded?


  • Yes

    Anne BoleynCatherine Howard

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  • NoCatherine of AragonDivorcedCatherine ParrMarried until Henrys deathAnne of ClevesDivorcedJane SeymourDied after childbirthBack to question page

  • YesAnne Boleyn and ElizabethJane Seymour and EdwardCatherine of Aragon and MaryBack to question page.

  • NoBack to question page.Anne of Cleves. Henry thought she was ugly so no babies!!Catherine Howard was to disgusted with Henry to have babies.Catherine Parr. Some say to old to produce children.

  • TriviaHenry was an accomplished musician. It is believed that he wrote the song Greensleeves for Anne Bolyn.

  • It is rumored that Anne Bolyn had six fingers on one hand. All six wives were descended from Edward I. Anne Bolyns motto was grumble all you like, this is how it is going to be.

  • The codpieceThe codpiece developed into a fashion accessory from the need to fasten the two legs of the trousers together with a bulky seam. It soon became a symbol of male virility. Henry had an obsession in his need for a male heir. It was understood at court that no ones ostentatious codpiece was allowed to be bigger than Henrys.

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