wives of henry viii a soap opera like no other. henry viii

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  • Wives of Henry VIIIA soap opera like no other

  • Henry VIII

  • Catherine of Aragon( Wife #1 )

  • Catherine of Aragons Mary TudorLots of lost children; only survivor is daughter: Mary

    No Son: So Henry wants a divorce.

  • Pope rejects annulmentPope fears the reaction of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V - who happens to be the nephew of Catherine of Aragon

  • Reformation Parliament1529 -1536Parliament that passed and enabled the major pieces of legislation leading to the English Reformation.

  • 1534 Act of SupremacyMade Henry VIII the Head of the Church of EnglandCatholics that refused to accept the Act of Supremacy were executed for treason.Most notable: Sir Thomas More

  • Anne Boleyn( Wife #2 )

  • Anne Boleyns daughter: ElizabethGives birth to a daughter: Elizabeth.

    No one knows it, but Elizabeth will be the greatest ruler of all Henry VIIIs children.

  • Death of Anne BoleynRoyal marriage fell apart when Anne failed to produce an heir to the thrown.

    False charges of adultery surfaced after Catherines death.

    Henry VIII had her beheaded in 1536

  • Jane Seymour( Wife #3 )

  • Death of Jane SeymourGives birth to Henrys son and heir Edward!

    She dies 12 days later.

    Thank you for the son, sorry you died!

  • Anne of Cleves( Wife #4 )

  • Never met before the weddingWedding was arranged as part of an alliance against Emperor Charles VTheir first night as husband and wife was not a happy one; within a few hours he came from the room and announced: "I like her not.Marriage was quickly annulled.

  • Catherine Howard( Wife #5 )

  • Catherine executed for adulteryShe was beheaded after less than two years of marriage to Henry on the grounds of treason, meaning adultery committed while married to the King.

  • Catherine Parr( Wife #6 )

  • Nurse-Maid or Respected Queen?Stories have it that she was a kind lady that cared for the fat and sick Henry VIII until his death in 1547.Historians have questioned this rumor.