ten tips to focus your negotiations

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Focusing your negotiations to find opportunities for all


  • 1. Focus your negotiations T o F i n d o p p o r t u n i t i e s f o r a l l Ten Tips To J e s s H e r r e r a

2. This is not a negotiation's course . These are just ten reflections that can be useful. 3. When to start Necessity Never Made a Good Bargain Benjamin Franklin 4. #1 Defining your expectations You have to define three possible alternatives. The ideal situation, the worst acceptable result and the red line you do not want to cross 5. #2 The more knowledge you have the more you will win You have to know everything not only about the subject to negotiate but, what is more important about the needs of your opponent 6. # 3 Adapting your style A negotiation process is a communication process that is conditioned by the environment 7. Your patience can be devastating to the other negotiator if they are in a hurry because they start to believe that you are not under pressure to conclude the deal. # 4 Don't be in a hurry 8. # 5 Be willing to walk away The fisherman knows that To sink the hook deeper not only does he have to push hard, occasionally he must unwind the rope 9. # 6 Looking for Commonalities When you can share a common interest or find a common ground with another person, they'll have a harder time being in a confrontation with you. 10. # 7 Acknowledging counters or objections Acknowledging objections makes the other person feel heard and avoids ending the discussion 11. A negotiation process is an ongoing search for balance between two parts that should not be broken at any time # 8 Dont give anything without something in return 12. # 9 Seeking a Win-Win Outcome In most cases this means lose lose because both sides have to give something up 13. # 10 Dont take it personally Personal emotions are not usually good travel mates in a negotiation 14. Anyway A negotiation ends when both parties feel completely satisfied with the result achieved. That is why it is good to take 1minute2think before ending anything JH 15. http://take1minute2think.blogspot.com.es// V i s i t m y b L O G J e s s H e r r e r a