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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Top Ten Slide TipsImage Credit: </p> <p>Keep it SimpleImage Credit: Slides with too much texts or too many pictures can be distracting to the audience</p> <p>Limit TextImage Credit: Too much text will have the audience focusing on the words and not you presenting.</p> <p>Limit EffectsImage Credit: Too many transitions and effects will distract your audience and take up time.</p> <p>High Quality GraphicsImage Credit: High quality pictures makes your presentation look clearer and professional</p> <p>Stop Using Default TemplatesImage Credit: Ferran Jorda Using old templates that the audience has already seen will make them instantly think that the presentation is boring</p> <p>Simple ChartsImage Credit: Lauren Jong: Too much information on charts will confuse your audience</p> <p>Use Color WellImage Credit: Mark Chadwick: Color can help get your message to the audience but too much can just be distracting. A medium between the two has to be found</p> <p>Font MattersImage Credit: Javier Gutierrez Acedo: Make sure the font is sans serif and its not overwhelming to the audience but the people in the back can still see it clearly</p> <p>Use Video and AudioImage Credit: Chris Zielecki: Video and audio will draw the audiences attention if its the right one</p> <p>OrganizationImage Credit: Melissa Doroquez: Slides should follow the order youre presenting and be smooth flowing</p>