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Tips and How-To advice for writing. Geared towards new writers, but experienced writers should appreciate them too.


  • 1. Ten Little Writing TipsShared with Love
  • 2. #1 Show, Dont TellPaint a mental picture.
  • 3. #2 Use Descriptive Words This goes along with #1.
  • 4. #3 Vary SentenceLength Your words will flow better and your writing wont sound monotonous.
  • 5. #4 Keep a DiaryYoull be surprised how manyeveryday events can be woven into a story.
  • 6. #5 Increase Your Vocabulary
  • 7. #6 Its Okay to Change Your Mind(rewrite if you want or have to)
  • 8. (a good list is always ready to be turned into a piece of writing)
  • 9. #8 Make the Thesaurus Your New Best FriendIts an invaluable tool that gives you many alternative options to say the same thing without having to repeat yourself.
  • 10. #9 Write First, Then Edit (never simultaneously -youll get bogged down and stalled)
  • 11. #10 Edit, Edit, EditDont fall in love with your first draft. Trim until you think you cant possibly trim any more words.
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