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Ten English tips - as seen on FunkyEnglish.com!


  • 1.Ten useful English tips! Seen on www.FunkyEnglish.comLearning English can be fun!

2. 10 Common English Mistakes1.Ive ever been to London!2.Im very tried.3.Your welcome.4.I eat chinese food.5.Can I open the light?6.I would like some desert.7.An angle in the sky.8.Good night. How are you?9.I always loose my phone.10. I want a snake before dinner. 3. www.FunkyEnglish.com Funky English is a social network for peoplewho are learning English. We have free English lessons, activities,quizzes and a discussion forum. Funky English is 100% free. Funky English has members from all overthe world! New English learners or English teachersalways welcome! 4. Learning English can be fun! Website: www.funkyenglish.com Author: Teacher Jamie