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Top Ten Teaching Tips. Cynthia You ng Professor of Mathematics University of Central Florida. Ontario Colleges Mathematics Association “XXX-For the LOVE of Math”. You may not get all students to LOVE Math but you can get all students to LOVE SUCCEEDING at Math. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Top Ten Teaching Tips

Cynthia YoungProfessor of MathematicsUniversity of Central FloridaTop Ten Teaching TipsYou may not get all students to LOVE Math but you can get all students to LOVE SUCCEEDING at MathOntario Colleges Mathematics AssociationXXX-For the LOVE of Math

I understand you in class but when I get home I am lost

It seems so easy when you do it.There is a GAP that exists between when we have our students with us and when they are independent learners.Has a student ever said to you..ChallengePedagogyStudents are not interested.Make it REAL.Skills/Concepts BalanceTeach and ASSESS both skills and concepts.Students dont READ the text.Parallel words and math (your voice)Reading the book in class buys you time.Engage During ClassYour TurnAssess During ClassRaise Hands: Simple AnswersEffective GROUP workThink/Pair/Share ChallengeDifferent Learning Style:CounterexampleCommon MistakeCatch the MistakePoor study skills/Not prepared for classOnline HomeworkMistakes Propagated in HWKLack of ConfidenceGet out of class problemModeling (gathering data and developing models)Modeling YOUR World# 1: Make it REAL

Doubling Time: Exponential GrowthAGEAnnGinger25$5,00035$10,000$5,00045$20,000$10,00055$40,000$20,00065$80,000$40,000If you upgrade your tires, dont forget to get the onboard computer adjusted.Invest EARLY because its not the first time your money doubles, its the last time your money doubles.#2: Balancing Skills with ConceptsBoth Skills and Concepts should be explicitly stated.Both Skills and Concepts should be assessed.SkillGraph the polynomial function.ConceptT /F The graph of a polynomial function might not have any x-intercepts.T /F The graph of a polynomial function might not have any y-intercepts. Be aware of not overcompensating for skills at the expense of concepts.#3: Reading the Book in Class Buys You Time

Reading the book in class:Gets students comfortable opening the bookBuys you time#4: Engaging Students With Your Turn

Students can raise their hands and as an instructor we immediately can assess their level of understanding. Negative (left hand), Positive (right hand), an answer that is an integer that can be raised on a hand.

#5: In Class Assessment

x = -4 is extraneous.

Assessing Students IN CLASS#6: Think/Pair/Share Challenge

#7: Catch the MistakeCorrect


Solve for x :


The root x = 0 is lost when the original quadratic equation is divided by x. Never divide by a variable (it may be zero). Remember to put the equation in standard form first and then factor.

Catch the Mistake#8: Using Wiley Plus Effectively:Read Ahead Quizzes and Cumulative AssessmentWiley Plus: Read Ahead Quizzes and Cumulative Homework (Yellow)Instills ConfidenceGives you a few seconds of one-on-one time with each student.Catches misconceptions before they leave class and go home.Students need to experience success before they go home. I always pick number 38/46/52/26.#9: Get Out of Class Problem

#10: Modeling YOUR WorldCynthias Top 10 Teaching TipsMake it REALBalancing Skills with ConceptsReading the Book in Class Buys You TimeEngaging Students with Your TurnIn Class AssessmentThink/Pair/Share with ChallengeCatch the MistakeUsing Wiley Plus EffectivelyGet Out of Class Problem Modeling Your World

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