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Technology Timeline

Technology Timeline BY: Luke Allen

Photogravure First introduced in the 1820s by Nicphore Nipce in France, and later Henry Fox Talbot in England.

One of the earliest forms of print making

While this form of picture making almost pre dates the field of photojournalism is was the only option for pioneers in the field. If an image was to be published along side of an article of story this is the process that would have to be done.

Dry plate Collodion Invented by: Richard Maddox (1871)

The Dry Plate Collodion process is a slightly modified version of the wet plate collodion process.

Drying Process has been deemed tedious and inefficient taking photos 4-6x longer to develop.

Was originally developed so that photographers in the field would no longer have to depend on mobile dark rooms along with the packing and un packing of all the chemicals to produce a wet plate photo.

This allowed for early photojournalists to access more remote areas, in order of securing their desired shot.

Unfortunately this process does sacrifice some image quality.


Mastered by: Rembrandt Intaglio Printing Company in 1895

Video Illustrating Printing Process.

Affected the field of photojournalism positively by allowing for large scale publications at a faster rate of production.

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35mm Film

Was finally synthesized in 1909. Became the standard size film for movie production.With the advent of this film Photojournalist were now able to continuously shoot images until film ran out.This surpassed older methods like the dry and wet plates because it allowed for more photos be shot before the development process.

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Speed Graphic Cameras

The most used camera from 1930-1950

one of the simplest and most flexible cameras made. Afflicted by a `Rube Goldberg, variety of features

Attachment include lens variability from 90mm-300mm

At the time of its conception, it changed the field of photojournalism for the better. Allowed photographers an array of shooting possibility's before advancements in post development editing.

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Interchangeable lens for 35mm SLR cameras

35mm SLR camera How To.

Gave the photojournalist more freedom to frame their shots as they wanted in order to portray their desired content.

This ultimately meant less time in the editing room and more time in the field shooting.

The IPhone First released: June 27th , 2007

Incomparable internet service/speed, most phones at this time were not equipped with such services.

2.0 MP Camera. The most advanced handheld device at the time.

For the first time Photojournalist were able to shoot and instantaneously publish all from one device.

Some describe the phone as a photojournalists starter kit

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Social Media/Live Broadcasting Year: 2016

Allows Photojournalist to engage their viewers at literally anytime of the day.

Whether through text via tweet, or by broadcast via Instagram, photographers have been using social media sites since there advent as a platform to express their motives and idea in a real time scenario.

Gives the average joe the ability to become a news anchor.

Video Explanation of Technologies.

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