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Technology History Timeline. 2400 BC. The first calculator invented. Called an: abacus. 776 BC. The use of pigeons that can send a message is recorded. 1567. First pencil invented by Conrad Gesner. 1765. Erasers are put on pencils by the Eberhard Company. 1803. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Technology History Timeline

Technology History Timeline

2400 BCThe first calculator invented.Called an: abacus

776 BCThe use of pigeons that can send a message is recorded.1567First pencil invented by Conrad Gesner1765Erasers are put on pencils by the Eberhard Company1803Steel ink pen is said to have been developed in Birmingham, England.1822First mechanical computer invented by Charles Babbage.1825The element: aluminum :is discovered by Hans Christian Oerosted.1834Braille is invented by Louis Braille.1835The Morse Code is invented by Samuel F.B. Morse.1837First practical telegraph invented by Samuel F.B. Morse.1859Lead acid rechargeable battery invented by Gaston Plante.1876Telephone invented and demonstrated by Alexander Graham Bell.