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Develop your Personnality Inward and Outward through our scientifically proved Karma Breakthrough, NLP and Wealth Mastery Seminars


  • Institute of Thought for Human Excellence

    International Healing Foundation&

    Sumant and Sumeet Kaul's Wellness University


  • ABOUT THE TRAINERSSumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul Mht,Lblrt,Plrt,Nlpt is the Founder of Karma Kundalini Healing ,The Art of Karma Healing Your Love,Money and Health Karma,Create Wealth and Abundance with Law of Magnetism 3 very powerful techniques which learnt can change the lives of people instantly .

    Sumant Kaul is the President of International Healing Foundation and has researched extensively on the Law of Cause & Effect and how this coding in the cells of the physical body affects life patterns and the journey of the individuals soul.

    Sumant Kaul along with his family , travels 200 days in a year touring around the world to teach, motivate help and heal people change their life in every field Love, Wealth and Karma; people from different parts of the world, U.S,

    London, Philippines, Middle-east countries, across the Asian countries - love to invite & host him to train their people both Business & Spirituality.

    When you meet him personally you will notice a very rare combination of Successful Man being successful in everything: Family, wealth , Business & Spirituality.

    Sumant Kaul is known to bring out the full potential in people, and his students often describe his ability in transforming peoples lives as akin to changing a rock into a diamond. He is a Master Manifestor that shares his expertise with all, helping people Manifest their dreams.

    Sumant served as a Mentor and Teacher to hundreds of thousands of people around the world and many of them have been leaders of National and International Luminaries

    VISIONHelping and guiding people to achieve breakthrough and personal transformation in Relationship, Health and Wealth issues .To train people and empower them with skills so that they can achieve personal/team success and confidence in all spheres of their life. We exist to see the world as a happier, joyful place.

    MISSIONWe are here to train people to achieve personal transformation by Soft Skills, Personality and Image Development, Counseling, Training and Coaching. We fulfill our clients trust in us with our expertise, authenticity, dedication, sincerity, personal genuine concern, pure intention and a passion to spread love and joy.

    STATEMENT FROM CHAIRMANIf you feed an hungry person with an apple, he would survive for the day. If one is taught how to harvest and cultivate the apple farms, He would survive for his life and feed / help others.

    ABOUT ITHEFounded in 2007 in India and started its operation in UAE in 2008 under the name of International Healing Foundation have been conducting many successful life transforming seminars teaching Mind body Soul Seminars, Law of Attraction Seminars, Karma Healing for Business, Past life Regression etc not only in UAE but also in Lebanon, Jordan, Philippines, India. Mr. Sumant Kaul being the Ambassador of Theta Healing for UAE and Gulf region, He introduced this upcoming modality from USA in UAE.

  • of importance, Business Czars .He is an authority on the Psychology of Marketing innovations, Peace Strategies, Love, brotherhood, leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and High peak performance.

    Successful Entrepreneur &Honored Business Strategist:

    Successful Actors, Politicians, and Business Leaders call on Sumant and Sumeet Kaul to be their strategic advisor when they face critical decisions requiring creative options and a systematic evaluation of probabilities and consequences.

    Sumant Kaul is the Chairman of 8 successful companies and gives lecture all over the world.His Journal Monk with a Rolex is one of the most sought out Journal of how you can be pure as a saint and yet be rich and enjoy the earthly things with love, peace, honor and gratitude and WONDERFUL FAMILY.

    He has coached more than 100,000 people in different fields in more than 30 counteries

    Sumeet Kaul is a successful Entrepreneur. Hes faculty and consultant of many high profile celebrities all over the world. Kings, Sheikhs and many business tycoons take guidance from him

    He travels around the world to teach Business and Sales Planning, Effective Negotiation and Leadership Skills.

    Sumeet Kant Kaul teaches in NLP the success secrets of Successful Business Tycoons celebrity models, film stars to his Students and how they too can achieve the same by following on the Pattern retaining their own individuality.

    Future plans of Sumeet Kaul:He Plans along with their organisations to make world class Wellness Center & Resort, all over the world, to train people.

    Credentials of Sumant and Sumeet KaulThey are Mechanical Engineer and Electronics and Communication Engineer respectively

    Highly respected as the nations foremost authority on the psychology of High Peak Performance and personal, professional, and organizational turnaround, Sumant and SumeetKaul have advised and counselled Fortune 200 CEOs, world-renowned medical doctors, legends in entertainment, and championship sports teams.

    n Member American Board of NLP n Member International Regression and Research

    Therapy n Master Hypnotist & Hypnotherapy Trainer n Past life regressions therapist and Trainer n Life between lives regressions therapist and Trainer n Senior Master theta healer and Certificate of Science n Trustee International Healing Foundation n Chief Technical Officer India International Healing

    Institute n Organiser & hosted the First, Second & Third Theta

    healing World Conference in India. n Co-founder Art of Karma Kundalini Breakthrough

    with Law of Karma, Love & Wealth Breakthrough, Create Wealth through Law of Magnetism; Healing Mind Programming.

    n Ambassador - Theta healing Institute Of Knowledge, USA (THINK) India & UAE.

    n Managing Director Sauman Power Engineers & Consultants

    n Member of Ameriacan Board of NLP n B tech ( Electronics and communication Engineer)

    Sumant & Sumeet own Engineering Business in the Name of Sauman Power Engineers and Consultants and Hitech Brand and they have excellence in Maintenance and installation of captive power plants including High Speed Deisel Engines and have given their services to Prime Ministers Residence ,President House, Reserve bank of India, Planning Commission of India, Central Reserve Police force, Indo Tibeten Border Police, Tihar Jail the biggest Jail in Asia, Scientific and research establishments like Nuclear Research Laboratory National Physical labatory, NBPGR, DeenDayalUpadahya Hospital, ,Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital, Dr Hedgewar Hospital, High court, Patiala Hose court, Karkadooma courts, Railways in India,Air India and many more prestigious institutions

    Sumant and Sumeet are successful investors in stocks with his profound research techniques and a wealth consultant for many successful entrepreneurs.

    Sumeet conducts his classes with immaculate knowledge of healing with a scientific approach. He mesmerised the Founder of Theta healing Vianna Stibal with his presentation in which he documented his research about the scientific aspects and proof about the Faith Healing processes and QUANTUM ENTAGLEMENT.

    Sumeet Kaul corporate acumen spans real estate, stocks, and teaches the art of TRIPLING your investment, increasing stock dividends and mastering the art of sales and management in his corporate training classes. He has mastered the art of TIME management and investment, while juggling a rich spiritual life experience helping people, managing his duties as a DIRECTOR of his companies like Sauman Power Engineers & Consultants.

  • SEMINAR BY INDIVIDUAL DEGREESI] Certification Course ii] Diploma Courses iii] Mastery Courses iv] Trainers Courses

    Certification Course Karma Kundalini Healing Karma Kundalini Basic Practitioners Karma Kundalini Advance Practitioners Kundalini Consciousness healing Karma Healing End Procastination & Achieving Success Karma Healing for Anger & Conflict Resolution Karma Healing Emotional Trauma & Achieving Forgiveness Karma Healing En

    Certification Course in NLP: Practitioner Master Practitioner NLP for Education Conflict Resolution How to improve acting skills Stress and Anger Management NLP for School and College Students

    Certification course inImage Consultants & Personality Development Body Language & Confidence Building(i) Foundation (ii) Advanced Fashion Stylist Certified Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Shopper. Certified Business Image Consultant.


    1. Diploma in Holistic Health Management2. Diploma in Image & Personality Development3. Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy NLP &PLR4. Diploma in Customer Service & HR Mastery5. Diploma in Change & Leadership Management6. Diploma in Road map to Creating Money


    1. Mastery in Wealth & Abundance2. Mastery in Public Speaking & Confidence3. Mastery in Effective Presentation4. Mastery in Karma Kundalini Healing5. Mastery in Business Administration6. Mastery in Business Excellence7. Mastery in Wealth Excellence8. Mastery in Leadership Management9. Mastery in Image & Personality Development10. Master on HRD & Customer Service11. Mastery in Scientific Palmistry



    Founder Sumant and Sumeet Kaul

    This Class will teach you how to effectively change your Karma by following with the knowledge .What does a person take when he leaves this eart