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RWE GENERATION SE. International strengths, regional roots. RWE Generation SE heads RWE‘s European electricity generation. Management structure. RWE AG. RWE Generation. RWE Generation SE. §. §. §. §. §. RWE npower PLC. Essent Productie BV. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


TITEL DER PRSENTATION IN ARIAL 32 PT. BLAU. Optional in Gemischtschreibweise.


International strengths, regional roots.1

RWE Generation SE heads RWEs European electricity generationRWE npowerPLCManagement agreementEssent ProductieBVGerman hard coal and Natural gas businessRWE Power AGRWE Technology GmbHRWE Generation SERWE GenerationRWE AGManagement structureAs a matter of principle, RWE Generation board and managment personnel simultaneously hold executive positions in subordinate organizations.RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/20142RWE Generation: Opportunities for enhancing the competitiveness of electricity production1Synergy opportunity:

Functional organization permits tapping comprehensive synergies

2Portfolio opportunity:

Blend of energi types and countries permit balancing economic and regulatory undulations

3Management opportunity:

Unified management of RWEs generation portfolio


CAO management is part of Generations board of directors; production and trading are comprehensively optimized

5Integration opportunity:

International organization assists change in business culture and selecting the best from three worlds

RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/20143

RWE Generation is one of Europes leading electricity producersMore than 40,000 MW of generation capacity inD, GB and NL >Round about 17,000 staffers (production and administration)>More than 70 locations>100-percent subsidiary of RWE AG>Pooled know-how of Essent, RWE npower, RWE Power and RWE Technology>Headquarters in Essen, Germany>European incorporated society(Societas Europaea, abbrev. SE)RWE GenerationPage 44/28/2014RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

The Executive Board a team with lots of international experience

From the left:>Roger Miesen: Chief Technical Officer Hard Coal, Gas, BiomassDr. Ulrich Hartmann: Chief Technical Officer Lignite, Nuclear, Water Dr. Frank Weigand: Chief Financial Officer MatthiasHartung: Chief Executive Officer Erwin Winkel: Chief Human Resources Officer Alan Robinson: Chief Commercial Officer RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

Partners combine their strengths: round about 17,000 employees and 40,000 Megawatts

Capacity figures refer to company-owned assets, excluding suppliesRWE AGFTE = Full-time employeesRWE Generation SETotal> 17,000 FTEManagement and support functions~ 2,000 FTETechnologyHoldings~ 800 FTELigniteHydro powerNuclear energyHard coal, Natural gas, biomass~ 250 FTE~ 600 FTE~ 900 FTE~ 5,100 FTE~ 2,800 FTE~ 150 FTE~ 1,600 FTE~ 1,000 FTEPlanning & serviceProcessingOpencast mines~ 11 GW~ 2 GW~ 3 GW~ 7 GW~ 1,800 FTE~ 10 GW~ 900 FTE~ 7 GWIncluding contractual supplies, the portfolio comprises approx. 40 GW of power plant capacityRWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

The international makeup of power generation reinforces the companys future competitivenessRWE GenerationPage 74/28/2014Competitive rank in EuropeRegionMarket rankCapacityGermany owned and associated power plants ~ 12,200 employeesUnited Kingdom~ 1,800 employeesNetherlands~ 900 employeesRWEG ~ 17,000 employees (production & administration)No. 1No. 4No. 2No. 123,000 MW10,000 MW7,000 MW~40,000 MWRWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/20147BoA 2 & 3Moerdijk 2Claus CStaythorpeLingenDenizliPembrokeHammEemshaven

> 12 bn RWE has invested billions in the environmental-friendly modernisation of our power plants 20101st HY 20122nd HY 20122013/2014

RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/201488

National electricity generation fuel mix

Germany 2013Natural gas10,5 %Renewables23,4 %Hard coal19,7 %Oil/Other5,2 %Lignite25,8 %Nuclear energy15,4 %

Natural gas26 %Oil 1 %Nuclear energy 16 %Other 2 %RenewablesHard coal11 %43 %United Kingdom 2012Netherlands 2012Natural gasNuclear energyHard coalRenewablesOil/Other

24 % 12,5 % 7,5 %4 %54,1%RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

RWE Generation has one of the most balanced power plant portfoliosFuel ratios of major European power companies 2012

NuclearLigniteHard CoalGasHydro/OtherRWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

Occupational health and safety top priorities at RWE Generation>Occupational safety and health protection are paramount in all operational procedures for the benefit of staffers, contractors, and inhabitants of all regions where RWE Generation is active.>Due to consistent improvements, the number of workplace accidents has been declining for years, with the ultimate goal of no accidents at all.

RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

RWE Generation takes responsibility for society and environmentRWE Generation is committed to protecting the global climate. Our company advocates the considerate and sustainable use of natural resources while also safeguarding the energy supply.RWE Generations employees consider themselves part of the solution of the future sociopolitical task of securing the energy supply. They are ready to invest their expertise and take part in change based on a democratic consensus.

RWE GenerationPage 124/28/2014RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

RWE Generation spurs the modernization of electricity productionRWE Generation invests billions in new and existing power plants and in extensive research and development, paving the way to a more efficient, environment-friendly energy supply.RWE Generation contributes to a secure energy supply with its flexible conventional power plants, buttressing the expansion of inherently volatile renewable energies.

RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014

Joining forces makes electricity generation more robust and effective>RWE Generation optimizes its processes and production sites across national borders, safeguarding its competitiveness in Europes increasingly transnational electricity market. >At the same time, the company bets on its regional roots, which have traditionally been a key to success. Established brands will continue to operate in their respective markets.International strengths, regional roots.

RWE GenerationPage Nr.4/28/2014Diagramm11162431126

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