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    How and why rhymes help enhance your childslearning abilities!

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    is the pattern of language is marked by stressed and unstressed syllables in the words mirrors of life and nature, like day and night contributes to the pleasure of the reader


  • is the musicality behind the words is the matching up of sounds and syllables gives a sense harmony to phrases helps the listener understand what is coming

    and RHYME

  • Sensitivity to rhymeprovides a strong foundation and dramatic benefits for learning to read.

    Good Rhymers Make Good Readers.

  • Rhymes help children recognize patterns more quickly, which can make learning to read easier and more fun.

  • Familiarity with rhymes helps children to detect the phonetic constituents of words.

  • Rhymes helps children learn how certain spellings make similar sounds. So when they learn one word, their learning is readily extended to all similar sounding words.

  • Rhymes make it easy forchildren to learn pronunciation and meaning.

  • Rhymes promote the enjoyment of stories and books among young children.

    They introduce babies and toddlers to the wonder of narratives and enhance their imagination.

  • Rhymes provide a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to sing together and bond.

  • Nursery rhymes teach kids to listen. The music, subtle nuances and silly outcomes encourage children to pay attention.

  • Rhymes helpteachmany life lessons. Most rhymes have positive messages and inspire children.

  • Illustrated rhymes help children associate pictures and text. This sparks theirimaginationand enhances their visual literacy, helping them appreciate literature better in later years.

  • Repetition and rhythm makes learning easier. Simple, songlike rhymes enhance memory and auditory recall.

  • Rhymes haveforever been ourtoddlers first public performances. This helps children gain confidence with their first circle - family and friends.

  • Rhymes taught with actions enhance physical skills.

  • So, Rhyme away with your baby, We say at momskool Add wonder, add fun and add a learning tool And if you like what we just said, A like and a share'll be cool! ;)


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