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lesson 4 year 7 poetry unit


  • 1. h h& h mPOETRY

2. Getting Knowledge ReadyWhat do we already know aboutRhythm & Rhyme in poetry?What do you think of what youhear/see these words. 3. RhythmRhymeMeterFootCaesuraVocabulary 4. What Am I Learning Today?Learning Intention Success CriteriaTo develop an awarenessof the importance ofrhythm and rhyme inpoetry.I will contribute todiscussion about rhythmand rhyme in poetry.I will practice identifyingand applying my growingknowledge of rhythmand rhyme. 5. h h& h mPOETRY 6. RhythmRhythm is all about sound.Can be made by a number of things Repeated phrasesSyllablesPausesAndRhyme 7. RhythmIt was the best of times,it was the worst of times,it was the age of wisdom,it was the age of foolishness,it was the epoch of belief,it was the epoch of incredulity,it was the season of Light,it was the season of Darkness,it was the spring of hope,it was the winter of 8. RhythmMeter is poem's underlying structurethe rhythm beneath the words in each line.Does the poem go daDUM daDUM daDUM?Does it go dadaDUM? How about daDUMdadaDUMda? Answer that question and you've gotthe poem's meter.METER 9. RhythmHere is an example of stressed & unstressedsyllables (meter) in a well known nursery rhyme.METER 10. RhythmYou can create pauses in a lot of ways,but the most obvious is to use punctuation likea period, comma, or semicolon.So if you see one of those smack bang in the middle of aline of poetry, chances are you're looking at a caesura(strong pause).PAUSE CREATE DRAMA, EMPHASIZEFEELINGS, AND ADD MEANING.CAESU"Once upon a midnighAt SdIrNeaGrLy,E w LhIiNleE I. pondered, weak RAA FANCY WORD FOR ASTRONG PAUSEWITHINThe rain set early in tonight,The sullen wind was soon awake,It tore the elm-tops down for spite,And its worst to vex the lake:I listened with heart fit to break. 11. h h& h mPOETRY 12. i h mThis is the rime youmay be more familiarwith!These words have thesame spelling pattern most commonly at theend of each word.EXAMPLECat Bat Mat SatSO of course the rime!!This is the rhyme that isimpressive and provesto the reader you reallyknow your stuff!These words sounds thesame but are speltdifferently.EXAMPLEFlew Shoe Glue 13. Internal Rhyme- on the inside.ExternalRhyme- on the outside. 14. Rhymehappens when twowords rhyme inside thesame line.Internal RhymeYou know who's really awesome at internal rhyme? Rappers.His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms areheavy. There's vomit on his sweater already, mom'sspaghetti. 15. happens when twowords rhyme on theoutside of two or morelines.External RhymeSTRUCTURED externalrhymeI like to play by the seaIt is very fun for meThe waves are so much funThe sea is where I want to beRhymeAs long as two rhyme you canhave any scheme you like. 16. Beat the BellThink of one questionyou know the answer toand write this is theback of your book(question & answer).ReviewThink of one questionyou do not know theanswer to and write thisis the back of your book.Once you have your questions wecan play!Game starterIs rhyme essential in poetry? 17. http://www.writingrhymeandmeter.com/?page_id=3753


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