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Rhythm & Rhyme

Rhythm & RhymePoemsBy 2A4

Rebecca Kerr The Eighth DecayAir of ice, and silence broken,Upon Novembers air was spoken,Autumn, where did you go?Are you buried beneath the snow?Through the wood I drearily wandered,And when I stopped, I wearily wondered,Where are the auburn leaves?That once flowed from the trees?And yet, echoes of the past remained,Although, of course, through memory strained,Now, adjourned with death and rot,The eighth land which I had near forgot.And those are the shoes we are never to grow out of,The ones which will weigh us down.And from our mouths, we preach only true love,But, if trees could weep and roses frown

Emily Gough My dog BaileyAs I wake up from my alarmI stop and see something that looks like a rug I wait a minute and see if it could do any harm And then I realise its just my dug I get up and wash my face and leave Bailey in her place I take about five minutes in factWhen I get back I find Bailey in my space And I think to myself why the heck did she do that? After we get down stairs I get ready to take her out for a walkShe yawns, stretches and plods along She looks at me and jumps and then I say do you want me to throw a rock? I put on her jacket and lead and say right Bailey come on! When we get our walk I dry her offAfter that I put out her food but it smells so bad it makes me want to gagAnd sometime she does this funny backwards coughLamb, chicken or beef who knows whats in that bag?Sometimes Bailey makes me laughBut I really hate giving her a bathDont get me started on her farts They could make the red sea partBy Emily Gough

Rachel BoyceMy Dog by Rachel BoyceI see a tail wagging and hear some barkingI see those big floppy earsAs the sky is darkeningAnd the moonlight appearsAs we walk and we playI feed her at dinner timeWe could do this all dayI hear her collar chimeI play with her all day longI love to take her on walksBut she is so strong Then I go home and talk I hate the squeaky toys Those muddy paw prints in the house She growls at the boys I wish she was as quiet as a mouse I feel safe when she is here She makes me feel happyShe is always nearBut when the postman appears she is yappy

Andrew HeronMy room My room is very smallI have toy piled up against the wallI have a little swingWhere I like to do my own thingI like to relax on my bed With music flowing through my headBut when the heating is on Im sweating to my haunIn my room I play my gameBut sometimes it get pretty lameWhen my family comes roundWe spend a little poundIn my room I feel relaxed and warmUntil my family comes in like a swarmI like the peace and quiet But when my family comes in it sounds like a riot

Gail ProctorMy GardenAs I sit in the summer breeze , And see the trees sway side to side I sit there and look at the buzzing bees, Then suddenly I am full of pride.

I look around for something to draw, Hopefully I can look at the scenery for inspiration. Then all of a sudden all I saw , Was a famous painting which took a lot of concentration.I hate it when the wind blows things away , I think about what I should do , Why cant all the things just stay , So I think it all through .During the summer I admire the scenery: The flowers blooming and the bright sunshine And the sun shining on the greenery; I like to think of the garden as just mine.

Craig BiasMy Dog JackMy dog has black and curly hair.With a white patch on his chest.When he stands up he looks like a bearMy dogs ears are the best.

I like to take him out for walks.And also have to feed him.Im teaching him how to talk.When we got him we called him Tim

When winter comes we play in the snow.I like it when we play.We have so much fun we dont want the snow to go!I play with him everyday!I hate it when he pulls the lead.I hate it when he barks.I hate it when he plays deid. I hate the muddy marks.

Zoe MoirA rainy day

Rain smashing down the garden wall While the kids outside splash aboutYou can sometimes hear the birds call But I would never go out Staying in bed with lots of food Rainy days are family days for me Cosy days are always goodAnd having pizza for our teaRain, always leaves mud behindAnd from time to time it gets boringBut staying indoors lets me clear my mind And always ends in me snoring Boredas the day goes onNot moving out of bed all day Listening to repeated songs Wishing it was a sunny day in May

Zoe DarrochMy Cat My cat is soft and fluffy Hopefully not covered in fleas!My cat is a bit chubbyAnd his favourite food is cheese.He stays inside all of the time So uses a litter trayHe also really loves to climbAnd anything to do with play. I choose his name: Socks.I enjoy listening to him purrHe likes hiding in a boxAnd when I pat his fur.I dislike it when he makes people sneezeWhich he always seems to do.I hate his smelly litter tray,Oh I wish he could use the loo!I am pleased we got him, He makes me feel glad.Socks may be a little dimBut at least he is never sad.

Libbi LonsdaleMy Dogs

As my dogs long tongues hangI get them water before they die, When the gate lock bangsTheir huge soft paws go running by. Their nose is wet and scrubbyTheir ears hang rather low,They always bring back the stick backNo matter how far you throw.They like to playBut hate getting wet,In the morning they layLooking forward to the next walk, I bet.

I love my dogs with all my heartI think they love me too,They make me feel so happy to startMy day when I feel blue!

Amy CouttsRainy DaysWind blows wild, rain clouds passOutside I see the swaying grassMy wellies are covered in nothing but mudIts so cold not one flower has a budThe raindrops fall hard and fastOff the ground the droplets crashIf I go outside Ill need a hoodThe darkness puts me in a bad moodWatching movies is good for a dayThough itd be boring if it was always that wayI stay inside to keep warm and dryI look out the window as the rain drops fly I hate going outside when it poursJackets dripping water all over the floorsBeing soaking wet makes me freezeEspecially when theres a really cold breezeA sunny day would be the bestIt could beat all the rainy restI wish it would return to summerThe rain is really quite a bummer

Emily ThomsonMy DogMy dogs fur is very fluffyMy dogs eyes are big and brownMy dogs ears are very floppyand I never see her frownShe likes to play with all her toysand go out for lots of walkingShell sometimes make a lot of noiseand all I hear is her talkingShe gives me lots of hugsand I think its very sweetTheyre better than any hugs from pugsand I make sure to give her lots of treatsAlthough she can stinkand be really smellyShe wont stop to thinkand still jumps on me while Im watching telly

She makes me feel loved and happyI really am luckyEven though she can be sassyShe is very plucky.

Blair MarshallTHE GARDENThe washing whirls in the windAnd the leaves blow off the treesThe birds fly as they pleaseThe wind chimes chime in the gentle breezeSometimes I sit and wonderAbout how the stars make a pictureSometimes I hear a quiet rumble of thunder

The garden is a place I love to goIt is peaceful when the breezes blowIt is so beautiful when the snow fallsIt forms a little piece of heavenIn the garden I feel happyMy garden is now my favourite placeThis is when I feel the bestMost of the time I am at rest

Lewis MacGregor

My Garden

I see my dogs running aroundThey must be happy to be outEspecially now that Im aboutIm happy I dont need to shoutI like to work and playWhen the weather is niceI sometimes play with clayAnd sometimes have some iceI like to sit and seeAll the cars go byI like it when its just meIt smells of mud and leavesI walk in some puddlesWhen the water is to my kneesAfter I hope I get a cuddleI like it when I can relaxAfter a long hard dayAnd eat some snacksAnd then I will go and play

Adam WatsonSchool.The day begins with frosted flakes.With breakfast, spoons and clothes.As slowly, all the folks awakeFor the place that knowledge grows.Its cold out in this dreary place.Some may wish to be off.They prey to be upon the sand,Yet parents merely scoff.As the bell rings when the clock hits nine.The people flee to registration.Some kids here may feel just fine,Others feel degradation.

The nostalgic smells I sniff in here,Like pencil lead and chalk.Sometimes, that smell fills me with cheer,But now, the halls I walk.Eventually though, the day must end.That thought disheartens me.Another day, this world shall send.It may be good. Well see.

Eve WilsonOne Snowy Day.On a cold winters night.The light white snow fallsAnd as the snow falls the Robin callsAs we drink our hot chocolate we begin to feel dozyWe soon fall asleep in our jumpers so cosy

When the cold morning comesThe birds start to HumAnd my boots against the crunching snow Make them go As the snow turns to slush My voice is drawn to a sudden hushAll the snowmen start to melt And the snow now looks like a blanket of feltThe coldness and the snow has goneAnd now the rain is back on.

Leah RossSummer Day


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