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  • Rejendra Khanal

    Ph. 00977-9841073561 - Nepal


    Exceptional office skills ranging from Electronic documentation to interacting with the management leaders, actively doing official correspondences etc Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.

    Worked with 65 different nationalities, cultures and different religious people in hostile environment. Extensive computer training, including knowledge of multiple networking environments and business

    correspondences. Enthusiastic and experienced in overseas work environment.


    Bachelor of Business Science (B.B.S) 2005

    Saraswati Multiple Campus,

    Tribhuvan University, Katmandu, Nepal

    Intermediate of Commerce (I. Com)

    Saraswati Multiple Campus, 2001

    Tribhuvan University, Katmandu, Nepal

    Training & Course

    S.N Training & Courses Year S.N Training & Courses Year 1 OSHA (10 Hours) 2014 20 Scaffolding System 2013 2 OSHA (30 Hours) 2014 21 ISO 9001 Auditor Training Course 2013 3 Fire Protection 2014 22 Confined Space Entry 2013 4 Hand Safety 2014 23 Ladder Safety 2013 5 CPR AED 2014 24 Water Treatment - Chlorination 2013

    6 Safety Leadership Training (8 Hours) 2014 25 Water Treatment Pretreatment 2013

    7 Ergonomics 2014 26 Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis 2013

    8 HSE Coaching 2014 27 Dignity and Respect 2013

    9 Communication of Chemical Hazards 2014 28 Hazardous Energy Control 2013

    10 Fire Protection & Prevention 2014 29 Electrical NFPA 70 E 2013 11 Forklift Overview 2014 30 Operation Security Awareness 2013 12 HSE Field Fundamentals 2014 31 Permit to Work 2013 13 HSE Advanced Skills Workshop 2014 32 Food Service Safety Refresher 2013 14 Heath at Work 2014 33 Serve safe Class (40 hours) 2013

  • 15 Bulk Petroleum Measures &Accountability & Causative Research

    2014 34 MAXIMO Training 2012

    16 Pre-Job/Task Planning 2013 35 Quality Personnel on Job Training 2012

    17 Document Management 2013 36 LOGCAP Quality Training 2012 18 Electrical Safety 2013 37 Military Infantry Soldier Training 2002 19 Fall Protection 2013 38 Computer Course 2002

    Honors and Awards

    S.N Honors and Awards Year S.N Honors and Awards Year


    Certificate of Appreciation (Received From Fluor Site Management)

    2010 7 Certification of Appreciation (Received From Fluor Area Quality Department)



    For Superior Performance (Received From Fluor Area QA Department)

    2011 8 QA Employee of the Month (Received From Fluor Afghanistan Country Quality Management)


    3 For Superior Performance (Received From Fluor Area QA Department)

    2012 9

    Bronze Coin-Certified Safety Leader Status (Received From Fluor Afghanistan Country Manager, Retired US Lt. Gen. Steve Whitcomb)



    Fluor LOGCAP IV TO-05 Quality Star Award (Received From Fluor Afghanistan QA Country Management)

    2012 10

    Silver Coin-Certified Safety Leader Status (Received From Fluor Afghanistan HSE Country Management)



    LOGCAP IV Certification of Appreciation (Received From NASA Services International)

    2012 11

    Coin-The Best Serving The Best "Safety" Integrity" "Teamwork" "Excellence" (Received From Fluor Afghanistan Country Manager, Retired US Brig. Gen. Mark O'Neil)



    MS2O Coin-Certificate of Appreciation (Received From Fluor Safety Department)

    2013 12

    Fluor Superior Performance and Coin-The Best Serving The Best "Safety" Integrity" "Teamwork" "Excellence" (Received From Fluor Afghanistan Country Manager, Retired US Brig. Gen. Steve Anderson)


    Career History & Accomplishments

    Quality Office Management Assistance/Coordinator at Fluor, QA/QC Dept. LOGCAP IV. US Military Base, Afghanistan 2011-2016

    Developed and presented quality related training programs/presentations to all levels of personnel and

    management. Ensured applicability of current quality policies, procedures and objectives by keeping informed of the

    latest updates/modifications to the contract.

  • Monitored and reported on conformance to the Quality Management System. Coordinated with Managers at all levels to provided assistance as they achieve and sustain ISO 9001

    standards. Participated quality champion by promoting, teaching, and presenting quality as a means for product

    improvement and efficiency. Worked with Quality Management personnel to develop a surveillance program that produces effective

    feedback to the various work sites within this contract. Assisted the Quality staff in the application of statistical process controls. Conducted audits and performs other administrative duties as required within the Quality Office. Performed other duties as assigned. Provided specialized technical expertise in supported of the Quality program, including specialized inspection and testing techniques, quality training, statistical methods, audits, quality tools for problem solving and assessment. Created inspection reports stating the conditions of a work area to ensure requirements are met. Made recommendations for corrective action. Applied knowledge of quality systems and tools to validated and verified contractually required standards for project execution. Implemented principles of performance evaluation and prediction methods are used to improve product systems safety, reliability, and maintainability. Responsible for maintaining quality standard of products and the procedures and materials that go into work scope. Aligns quality management function with the performance needs of product lines. Under general supervision, solved complex problems requiring detailed knowledge of field and industry best practices. Used experience and problem solving skills to develop and improve processes.

    Government Compliance Quality Assurance (QA) surveillances were performed on the following subject lines

    (1) Facilities Management, (2) Master Schedule of Work (MSOW), (3) Service Orders (4) Repair and Minor Construction, (5) Chemical Latrines / Hand Wash Stations, (6) Shower, Latrine /Ablution Unit, (7) Technical Inspections, (8) Clamshell, Tent, and Canvas Repair, (9) Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) / Hazardous Waste Management, (10) Pest Management, (11) Pesticide Certification for Restricted Pesticides, (12) Feral Animals, (13) Laundry Operations, (14) Specialized Laundry Operations, (15) Medical Laundry, (16) Sewing, (17) Food Service Operations, (18) Food Service Preparation, (19) Mermite, (20) Midnight Meal / Soup & Sandwich Bar, (21) Special Event, (22) Air Curtains, (23) Moral Welfare and Recreation (MWR), (24) Power Generation, (25) Water Production, portable water, not-potable water and fire water (26) Sewage and Waste Management, (27) Solid Waste Management (Dumpster and Trash Removal), (28) Surface Burning, (29) Incineration, (30) Leach Fields, (31) Lagoons, (32) Material Handling Equipment Operation, (33) Maintenance, (34) Reefer Maintenance, (35) Small Appliances Maintenance , (36) Recurring / Preventive Maintenance, (37) Vehicle Maintenance Non-Tactical , (38) Non-Tactical Vehicle and Tactical Vehicle Wash Rack Operations, (39) Class III Retail Operations, (40) Fire Fighting Services, (41) Dry Chemical and Compressed Air, (42) Communications, (43) Fire Prevention Services, (44) Project Planning, (45) Central Issue Facility (CIF) (46) Class IV Yard, (47) Class I Troop Issue Subsistence Activity (TISA), (48) Supply Support Activity (SSA) Class II, III (P), IV, VII & IX, (49) Material Handling Equipment (MHE), Vertical Handling Equipment (VHE), and Transportation Requirements, (50) Team LOGCAP Support Operations, (51) Civil Inspection (52) Water pumping stations, (53) Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing construction and installation, (54) Property Control, (55) Markings, (56) Essential Services, (57) Safety and Health, (58) Government Furnished Property (GFP) and Services and Contractor Furnished Items and Services, (59) Sort/Re-sort Operations, (60) Mobile Redistribution Teams (MRT)(Augmentation), (61) Theater Transportation Mission (TTM), (62) Transportation Operations, (63) Theater Movement Control, (64) Container and Cargo Management Operations, (65) Management and Administration and (66) Document and Data Management (DDM) Under general supervision, provide specialized technical expertise in support of the Quality Program, including specialized inspection and testing techniques, statistical methods, and surveillances. Job tasks, correctly performed, impact indirectly on cost containment, efficiency, profitability of the operations.

  • Generated over 66 follow-up Requested (FUR) reports - Deficient conditions such as those that have been identified by the activity and process is yet underway, i.e. awaiting materials, or corrected on the spot. Generated 25 Nonconformance Reports (NCRs) - The Nonconformance Report is a Quality generated and issued observation of a non-compliant condition. Generated over 3200 Satisfactory (SAT) Reports - During the performance of a surveillance, the objective is to ensure that work activities and services are performed in accordance with the specified requirements, such as drawings, specifications, applicable local, state and federal standards and Codes, and th


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