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  1. 1. Page 1 of 12 Professional Profile for Paul Griffin Diploma of Mechanical Engineering in Design Member of the Institute for Automotive Engineers (Over 24 years) Member of Engineers Australia (Student) Professional Sheet Metal, Mechanical Design & Drafting Sheet Metal, Mechanical, 2D & 3D Models, Detailed Shop Drawings & CNC Laser Cutting Files Qualified with AutoCAD 2D, Inventor, & Solid Works 3 D Design Environments Mechanical Fitter / Sheet Metal Fabricator / TIG Welder / Proto Type Construction (Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum) Technical Officer and Writer (Automotive Research and Development) (Performance testing, data collection, data analysis & detailed report writing) Qualified Automotive Mechanic (Over 37 years experience) Performance Dyno Tuning (Carby, Distributer and Fuel Injection Recalibration) (Performance Upgrades; Turbos & Superchargers) (Gas Bench, Ignition System Oscilloscope Diagnosis) Certificate 2 Automotive Air Conditioning Qualified Liquid Petroleum Gas Fitter and Installer (Mitsubishi Products) Automotive Electrical Technician (Automotive data acquisition, vehicle tracking & accessories fitment) Professional Automotive Development Driver (HC license)
  2. 2. Page 2 of 12 Employment History in descending order; Classic Performance Automotive Dyno Centre (19-01-15 to current) Classic and performance car modifications, conversions and restoration. Turbo, brake, exhaust, fuel injection, engine, drivetrain and suspension upgrades. Component modification, fabrication, welding, machining and design. Electrical modification and upgrades. Plasteel SA Sheet Metal Manufacturers (29-7-13 to 19-09-14) Employed working at Plasteel as a Mechanical Detail Design Draftsman using Solid Edge 3D, Inventor, Solid Works and AutoCAD 2D software designing sheet metal and mechanical products and programming CNC laser and turret punch machines. Preparation of folded condition sheet metal designs and flat patterns in preparation for laser cutting and manufacturing. A large proportion of the drafting position involved processing the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) and Navantias supplied drawings and preparing 2D and 3D models and shop drawings for manufacture in accordance with Navantias guidelines. From these models and drawings dxf files are generated suitable for transferring to a CNC laser for cutting. Detailed shop drawings were generated for production to manufacture the parts to the customers correct specifications and for communicating information to the customer, (AWD). The work was mainly HVAC ducts, foundations, stowage requirements etc, but design work was also required for many other AWD requirements as well such as light enclosures, hatches, bilge plates, gaskets, diaphragms, brackets and structures etc. In addition to the work required for ASC I was also involved in general commercial work. Design and manufacturing of a great variety of steel and sheet metal cutting, folding and forming requirements. Other tasks involved working with the production manager and production supervisor in delivering jobs in a timely manner to the shop floor and answering and solving shop floor manufacturing and fabrication problems. This role also involved acting as a project manager for certain jobs and managing progress from customer concept to product delivery. Raytheon Australia; (5-3-12 to 7-06-13) ASC Air Warfare Destroyer Combat Systems Technical Engineering Officer;
  3. 3. Page 3 of 12 Answering and solving technical (mechanical, electrical and hydraulic) build problems from production with the assistance of ASC and Raytheon engineering teams. Documenting the build solutions in written text and via technical drawings. Also writing Combat Systems operators instruction manuals to support the AWD ship building program.
  4. 4. Page 4 of 12 Australian Ship building Corporation, (ASC); (23-8-10 to 28-11-11) Employed on the AWD site as Structural and Mechanical Design Liaison working between engineering and production with the following task requirements. The role was to liaise between production and the engineering departments facilitating solving structural and mechanical design and build problems. Solving these problems involved analysing the supplied build documents and technical drawings and liaising with engineering and the Spanish structural on site representatives. Once the problem was solved the answer was then delivered to production. The remaining task involved ensuring the problem and the solution was captured in technical documentation and drawings to be referred to in later ship builds. General Dynamics Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) Mechanic (12-07-2010 to 12-08-2010) Employed to repair, disassemble and rebuild the light armoured vehicles to military specifications and test the vehicles post rebuild. Assist other departments with requirements in repairing the ASLAVs. Note; Fill in role until ASC application matured. Completion of the Diploma of Mechanical Engineering. (2008 to 12-07-2010) Attending Panorama Tafe as a part time student. Completing the Diploma of Mechanical Engineering in Design and travel. Mitsubishi Motors, Research and Development Department (20012008) Over 8 years of Research and Development Experience in a large automotive manufacturing. Technical Officer; Technical and safety investigations for Corporate Quality Assurance. My role was to assist in the technical investigation of issues. To implement test procedures, gather technical data and liaise with engineering to investigate build concerns and develop counter measures. Technical Writer Accurate report writing and the generation of clear and concise reports were a significant part of the job. These in depth technical reports were checked at many engineering levels and then submitted to the relevant departments.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 12 Project Co-ordinator; Co-ordinating road test staff to run 3 shifts per day 6 days a week whilst ensuring test integrity was maintained and OH & S requirements were met. Managing and co-ordinating long term vehicle tests from inception to completion and subsequent teardown, inspection and reporting. Automotive Prototype Development Technician / Mechanic; This role consisted of building up prototype and test vehicles to blueprint specifications. The position required consulting with all stakeholders from production staff, managers, technicians and engineers on all manner of technical issues. It also required generating appropriate documentation to highlight technical issues. The position also required static and dynamic testing of prototype, test and production vehicles. This testing involved instrumentation of the vehicles utilising various methods of data collection equipment such as mini video cam data, accelerometers, thermocouples and strain gauges. This required programming the test equipment to achieve useable data and post-test, interpreting the data and generating detailed reports. A comprehensive knowledge of all mechanical aspects was required in order to generate valid test reports. I was also involved in the following; Electrical system testing and sign off confirmation. Designing, Fabricating, welding modifying and machining components as required. LPG and automotive Air conditioning testing and development. This role also incorporated the need for professional driving at high speed, 4WD, left hand drive vehicles and loose surface driving along with heavy vehicle HR / HC licence class for transportation of prototype vehicles to Australia wide testing sites using a pan tech truck and trailer combination. Business Owner & Automotive Workshop Manager for Southern Auto Scene Mechanical Repairs (19932001) Set up a successful mechanical repair business employing casual mechanics. The business developed an excellent client base and was well respected from within the local industry and enjoyed excellent repeat clientele.
  6. 6. Page 6 of 12 All aspects of mechanical repairs were catered for including Electronic engine management, restorations, air conditioning and wheel aligning. All aspects of management, advertising, customer service, finance, employee relations capital acquisition, legals and business planning were required and handled by myself. Specialty Tuning (High Performance Chassis Dyno Technician (19921993) Modifying all aspects of vehicles for high performance from carburettor, fuel injection, LPG, distributors, brakes, suspension and major engine work. Testing and tuning the vehicles on the chassis dyno to confirm modifications and measure the gains for customer validation and future development. Fabrication of hardware and controls to support modifications. Mitsubishi Motors Research and Development Dept (19911992) Prototype build area, build vehicles to blueprint specifications. Document the build process and fabricate components as required. Road test, endurance driving and maintenance of development vehicles. K&A Engineering (19891991) Employed to assemble a built group C sports car and design and fabricate many of the necessary components. Components such as suspension, chassis, sheet metal and body work. Tig welding aluminium, stainless and chrome moly components. Assembling, maintaining and repairing all aspects of the racing vehicles. Mechanical fitting, design and machining of components. Testing and set up of racing vehicles. Transporting vehicles to interstate events. General assembly and maintenance of racing vehicles and fabrication of Formula 2 suspension components. Croydon Park College (19881989) Fabricator, constructor technician. One of 3 students of the Formula Shrike Project selected to become full time employees to help fabricate and construct a Formula Holden open wheeler racing car. Set the vehicle up for competition and assist in racing this vehicle Australia wide whilst promoting the concept to students within the College. Testing and set up of racing