regional reablement workshop nicholas smith and carol cottingham friday 26 march 2010

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Regional Reablement Workshop Nicholas Smith and Carol Cottingham Friday 26 March 2010 Slide 2 2 Regional Reablement Workshop Integrated Intermediate Care System On a journey.. Slide 3 3 What we have now... Intermediate Care Commissioning Framework 2009 Lincolnshire NHS Community Services Community Response and Rehabilitation Team (CRRT) with ASC funding and staff contribution Stroke Rehabilitation Services Fast track end of life care (St Barnabas) Hospital District Nurse Liaison and ASC hospital discharge teams Lincoln County Hospital Fast Track Continuing Health Care assessments Adult Social Care Assessment and Re-ablement Service (LARS) LPFT OP dementia hospital Liaison Service and Intermediate Care Service Voluntary organisations home from hospital services Regional Reablement Workshop Slide 4 4 LARS Slide 5 5 Regional Reablement Workshop Slide 6 6 Slide 7 7 Slide 8 8 Prevention and Early Intervention Regional Reablement Workshop Practical Steps Set up an Intermediate Care Board with clear terms of reference and accountability Use and build upon existing Framework Agreement Identify elements to build up a Pooled Fund: - Intermediate Care beds - LARS - CRRTs - LPFT Dementia Intermediate Care Service Publish a strategy (6 months), Action plan to reshape Use HWB fund to help shift resources to enable Intermediate Care System to support and assess people identified at risk of NHS Continuing Care Service Determine bed base for crisis support, assessment and rehabilitation service Slide 9 9 Regional Reablement Workshop Contd Determine community resources for an crisis support, assessment and rehabilitation service Ensure pathway clear so right person offered right service mix Empower Case Managers as accredited Trusted Assessors for both agencies to create individual intermediate care packages drawing from different services Look at developing shared skill base around rehab/support workers Operational shared accountability, governance and performance Involve Service Users/Patients/Families and Clinicians in service redesign An exemplar for joint commissioning that delivers, improved outcomes, improved co-ordinator, more effective and efficient use of resources


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