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  • 1. Alzheimer Scotland Barbara Sharp Practice Development Manager
  • 2. Living Well with Dementia: A training programme for staff supporting people with dementia at home What are we setting out to do? What have we based our ideas on? What is our proposal?
  • 3. What are we setting out to do? To support staff to work in a reciprocal partnership with people with dementia and their families, contributing to meaningful outcomes for them To motivate and equip staff as to how to enable people with dementia to live life to their full potential To enhance the confidence and competence of staff in this supporting role
  • 4. What have we based our ideas on? Voices of the experts ... Some of us need to be re-abled ... to re-learn that they have the right and the ability, albeit sometimes with your support, to be in charge, as best they can be, of themselves. To be responsible for their own actions Richard Taylor 2009
  • 5. Voices of the experts ... A reciprocal learning and teaching partnership ... work with us so that we can continue to cope ... Andrew is more stable because he is involved and enabled we take risks ... Find staff who really care and are compassionate Ann (wife and carer)
  • 6. Philosophy and models of care Person centred ethics and care (Baldwin, 2008; Brooker 2006; Kitwood, 1997) Relationship centred care (Nolan et al. 2008; 2006; 2003) Rights based care (Cross-Party Group on Alzheimer's 2009) Concepts of Recovery (Martin, 2009; Gavan, 2011) Personal adaptation (Repper and Perkins 2003)
  • 7. Rights based care
  • 8. Relationship Centred Exchange Model Person with dementia Family Support staff
  • 9. Theoretical Framework Shaped by a strong commitment to the personal outcomes approach to care In a climate of limited resources, being clear about what makes a difference to people is more important than ever (Cook and Miller, 2012).
  • 10. Policy frameworks Scotlands Dementia Strategy (Scottish Government, 2010) Dementia Strategy 2013-16 Proposition Paper (Scottish Government, 2013) Promoting Excellence Skills and Knowledge Framework (Scottish Government 2011) Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland (Scottish Government 2011)
  • 11. Key documents for practice
  • 12. Dementia Standards I A diagnosis Be regarded as a unique individual Be treated with dignity and respect have Be as independent as possible the Included Access treatment, care and support right Have support from carers who are educated and supported End of life care that reflects my wishes
  • 13. Dementia is a journey Keeping Well, Prevention and Finding out its Dementia Living Well with Dementia Living Well with increasing help and support End of Life and Dying Well
  • 14. The 5 pillars of postdiagnostic support
  • 15. 8 Pillars Model
  • 16. Approaches to learning Appreciative enquiry Confirmatory experience Modelling experience Interactive Experiential Practically relevant Positive and involving
  • 17. Structure Directed pre-course learning - Promoting Excellence Gathering of baseline data for evaluation/research purposes Two days of taught content in a peer group setting and one day half day in joint skilled/enhanced level group Course work applied to practice Assessed components Post course evaluation immediate and longer term
  • 18. Experiential Learning
  • 19. I have dementia but it does not define me. My action and hopes and dreams define me
  • 20. The Training team Barbara Sharp: Practice Development Manager, Alzheimer Scotland and Research Fellow, Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice Margaret Brown: Senior Lecturer, Institute for the Health and Well-being of Older People, University of West of Scotland (UWS) Alexandra Simpson: Consultant, Alzheimer Scotland Dr. Karen Watchmen: Lecturer, Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice, UWS Sandra Shafii: AHP dementia consultant
  • 21. Making sure no-one goes through dementia on their own


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