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    WelcomeWelcome to the final edition of Headline for the 2014-15 academic year. As ever, this edition will reflect a tremendous range of activities enjoyed by our students within and outside of the classroom. It will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the place of Cottingham High School within the local community, as we begin preparations for our 60th anniversary celebrations.

    It is clear from communications with the school, and particularly through the Facebook group, that so many past students have extremely fond and often amusing memories of their school days. It has been fascinating to learn of the wide range of successes of our alumni and we very much look forward to opening our doors and welcoming our Cottingham family, past and present, during the autumn term. This anniversary is a reminder to us of the past and present varied prowess and excellence that our students embody and of which we have always been, and continue to be, very proud. More details to follow in September.

    Our Y11 and Y13 students have completed their examinations and are now making their preparations for their next steps. The ones I have been speaking to have put in many hours of study and I wish them all every success in the summer. I would also like to extend my thanks to the staff who have provided numerous study and revision sessions throughout the preparations for these examinations showing, as ever, a huge commitment to the success of all students in these crucial examinations. I am sure that on those two August days, our Hall will be filled with students who are basking in the success of their endeavours and that parents will be celebrating with their children, who have worked so hard. We are grateful for the effective three way partnership which supports student success.

    Finally, we say goodbye to a number of staff who are leaving us, some retiring and some exploring pastures new in promoted posts. We wish all of them well and thank them for their contributions to the life and work of the school. I would like to wish everyone a restful, and hopefully warm, summer break and look forward to welcoming new members of staff to our team, along with over 200 fresh faced and eager Y7 students and our Y12 returners in September.

    Best wishes

    Scott Ratheram Headteacher

    Another Headline article, another term soon to be completed and another group of students soon to be leaving Cottingham High School prepared for life, hopefully with many great memories. As the school is celebrating its 60th birthday in September I am sure that many past students from near and far will be reliving their experiences and reminiscing about what they got up to please do spread the word about the 60th celebrations to people who have moved away, and keep an eye on the web-site for news of events.

    The students will have noticed that the roofing work is well underway and scheduled to be completed ready for September. In addition to this external work the Governors have recently approved the finances to refurbish and equip a new 60-seater computer room for the Sixth Form; providing them with a comfortable and modern learning environment supported by first rate IT facilities. Another much-needed infrastructure improvement happening over the summer is that the main toilet blocks will be renewed; the existing ones have done excellent service over the past 60 years but it is time for a

    full make-over. As ever the list of things we wish to do outstrip what budgets will allow, but a number of smaller projects are planned to enhance the available facilities.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff who arrange a diverse range of extracurricular activities and school trips. The trips require a huge amount of planning and forethought, and much of this is done in staffs own time. Our pupils are able to go to sporting events, maths competitions, music and drama competitions, history, geography and language trips across Europe; the impact and benefits of these goes well beyond the actual event.

    I wish you all a good summer break if you are staying in Cottingham or travelling around the world; and hope that September 2015 will be the start of another great year for all at Cottingham High School.

    John Greenman Chair of Governors

    The winner of the 60th Anniversary logo competition was Amelia Bird in Year 8.



  • Cottingham High Headline 2015Cottingham High Headline 2015

    2015 marks the 60th Anniversary for Cottingham High School. The school first opened its doors to its first intake of eager students on the 25th ApriL 1955.

    60th ANNIVERSARY | 5

    This 60th commemorative edition of the Headline magazine will be looking back over the decades to create a great piece of memorabilia. We have been in touch with former students and members of staff to hear about their interesting stories and poignant memories of their time at CHS.

    Please enjoy reading the first of our interviews with former students and members of staff. We will be updating each Headline magazine throughout 2015/16 with peoples memories of life at, and since, Cottingham High School.

    The school is planning to hold a 60th Open Day on Saturday 26 September further details about the event will be announced on the schools website and 60th Facebook page.

    If you have some photos or stories you would like to share, simply go online using one of the 3 ways to get in touch below, but why not get more involved by joining our 60th Anniversary Working Party.

    If you would like to get involved in helping to plan a 60th Reunion in the autumn term, please send your details to us by using the email address below.

    Share your memories along with over 4,500 other members:

    Visit our website at:

    facebook.com/groups/cottingham60th www.cottinghamhigh.net

    Email us at: alumni@cottinghamhigh.net

    JAMIE CHILCOTTWhen did you attend CHS?2004-2009

    Who was your form tutor, Head of Year?Mrs Sharp/Mrs Sellers, Mr Tear.

    What was your favourite subject?PE & Maths

    Who were your favourite teachers?Mr George

    What did you think of the school dinners?I never really had school dinners but the cheddar buttery was a go to at break time.

    Did you ever get a detention? Why?Probably, but off the top of my head I cant remember. Lets go with talking too much.

    How did your experience at CHS help you in the evolution to become a top class athlete?My experience at CHS helped me to become mature and independent which allowed me to leave home at 16 and chase my goals.

    What was it like living and going to College in Canada? (can you also explain what you did after school how you ended up in Canada, etc.?)It was great to experience a different culture and meet new people whilst doing something that I love every day. I and another CHS student, (Jack Musil, Maine University), were approached by a scout at a tournament and asked to go to The Ontario Hockey Academy (OHA) in ON Canada at the age of 16, so I pretty much finished my GCSEs and packed my bags. We were part of an intense programme both on the ice and in the classroom. We travelled around Canada and the US playing against some of the top players around. We lived in a dorm with 6 other hockey teams who attended the school which definitely had its moments of mayhem. Whilst at OHA I studied Economics, Maths & Calculus at A Level equivalent.

    How long have you played Ice Hockey professionally? I have played professionally for 2 years now notching 117 games in the EIHL (Elite Ice Hockey League). I will be going into my 3rd season this September.

    Describe a typical week during the Ice Hockey Season (work, training sessions, matches etc.)I work a full working week 8:45am 5:00pm and practice on the evening as well as training in the gym and studying for exams. We play a 52 game regular season plus a minimum of 8 games in the challenge cup and playoffs across 30 weeks so we play 2 sometimes 3 times a week. We usually play at home on a Saturday and away on Sundays including 16 trips to Scotland, so sometimes we will get home at 5am on a Monday morning - needless to say Mondays are tough.

    Why did you decide to train to become a Chartered Accountant?I always knew I wanted to do something alongside hockey so that I had a career outside of the sport when I eventually finish. I always had an interest in finance, accounting and economics and originally planned to go to University and play hockey at the same time. After graduating in Canada at 18 I deferred a place at Loughborough University for 2 years while I continued to play in North America before returning to the UK to play professionally at the age of 20. After researching the accounting profession I found that it was more beneficial to do the ACA qualification and train as a Chartered Accountant than to do a degree in accounting as you would have to do the ACA anyway even with a degree. It was then that I started looking into ACA training providers and applied for a position at Smailes Goldie.

    Do you like working as an Accountant?I think like any job (including hockey) it has its positives and negatives but overall I like it, I like the firm (Smai