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<p>SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING &amp; DESIGN Center for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation in Natural and Built Environments</p> <p>Assignment 2: Comic Strip </p> <p>AssessmentTypeLearning OutcomeMarksDue</p> <p>Comic Strip</p> <p>Individual / Pair 2, 310%Week 14</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>There are different platforms in expressing ideas including that through comical characterization. Comic strip is planned to bring out the creativity in illustrating various social psychological concepts as well as to further enhance the comprehension of those discussed in the course. </p> <p>Objectives</p> <p>The objectives of the comic strip are as follows: Gain an increased understanding of social concepts through comic illustration Highlight the creativity in producing the comic </p> <p> Learning Outcomes</p> <p>The learning outcomes are as follows: Able to apply social psychological theories and concepts through comic strip Able to understand oneself and others as social being </p> <p> Tasks </p> <p> Students are required to:1. Choose a topic of interest from ranges of concepts discussed.2. Create a short sequence of drawing in interrelated panels to display the narrative series of the intended topic (minimum of four panels)3. The title must be stated in the first panel4. The comic strip must be done on a drawing block (either in landscape or portrait form)5. It can be done in black or white or colors</p> <p>Templates:</p> <p>Example of comic strips</p> <p>Submission Requirement </p> <p>The following requirement must be followed:</p> <p> Header: Name, ID Number and Course Code Only one drawing block is required</p> <p>Assessment Criteria </p> <p>The assessment is based on the following criteria:</p> <p> Demonstration of understanding of social psychological concepts Appropriate illustration of the concepts through the strip Clarity of the narrative depicted in each panels</p> <p>Grading:</p> <p>CriteriaDescriptionAllocated Marks</p> <p>Highlighted topic Relevant chosen topic of interest 1%</p> <p>NarrativeStructured and sensible narrative in every panel 4%</p> <p>Originality The produced comic strip must be original and not copied / adapted from other sources2%</p> <p>Creativity Creative ideas and illustration 3%</p> <p>Total 10%</p> <p>Important reminder:</p> <p>Submission must be done during lecture session of the stated week </p> <p>Foundation in Natural and Built Environments 2 | P a g e</p>