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Picture Paragraphs

Picture ParagraphsThe OrderThe order is practically by the order my day goes. I start my day off on the 4-wheeler in the fields. Then we go tend to the cows and while we are down there I also go and mess with the goats. After that I go and relax down at the creek and just think. After the day goes by the last thing I do is feed the baby cows. But the last picture is just one from Octoberfest and that is not part of my daily routine.

Having a 4-wheeler has many different purposes but I mainly use it to go out to the fields and relax. I ride around looking at the different plants or maybe seeing some turkeys, or I just sit there and listen to music while thinking over different things. I usually go out to the field when Im stressed and just want to be alone or someone in my family is just really getting on my nerves. I love going out there when the sun is setting and get really cool pictures. I always end off my day going out on the 4-wheeler and relaxing till I get tired then go back and sleep for school in the morning.

Having cows is a big responsibility, especially having to give them medicine. Once it starts to get colder, the cows can get sick. You have to give them many shots and huge pills so they dont get scourers. Its actually a very scary process, some cows are very wild and are not afraid to charge you. So you have to trap them and give them shots. They scream and the sound is horrible. I hate helping with the cows but it has to be done so they dont get sick in the winter.

After not having goats for a year, I was so happy to get them again. One day my dad got back from a sale with 30+ goats in the trailer. I got so happy because I love having goats. Only a couple are nice and let you pet them and those are my favorite to have. All of our goats are half sized and still have a lot of growing. I love that my dad got more and always look forward to going down and seeing them.

When we didnt have the 4-wheeler, going down to the creek would always relax me. When my dad would yell at me or school was stressing me out, I would walk down to the creek and just sit there and think. Sometimes I would just sit and listen to music if I was just bored. I liked seeing all the snakes slithering around and the frogs hopping from rock to rock. It was the best way to relax it was my favorite thing to do.

Everywhere during Octoberfest, my favorite thing to do is ride the train. Its always a tradition to ride it over 10 times. I dont know why we ride it but its just fun. I always go with different friends and get some pictures for memories. We always pretend were in a parade and wave to random people that were passing. Its what I always look forward to and I cant wait to do it in the years to come.

Calfs in there!!!Halving baby cows is a big responsibility having to bottle feed them every morning and night. Having to wake up early in the morning just to feed the babies is not fun at all. I hate feeding them just because they get spitty milk all over my clean jeans but they are cute so its okay. It does get on your nerves having to go out there all the times but it is a good thing to do. But I do love the cows and Im glad we have them.