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A presentation on how to write body paragraphs in critical papers


  • Body ParagraphsBody paragraphs should also have three elements.

  • Three things every body paragraph should have:-Topic sentence-Evidence-Analysis

  • Topic sentences-Clearly state the main idea of the paragraph.-Connect (return) to idea of thesis.-Make a mini-argument in support of the thesis.-Serve as frame or anchor for paragraph.

  • Common problems with topic sentences-State facts and not an argument: Sure, this happened, but so what?-No connection to thesis statement.-Paragraphs do not build upon each other.-Does not offer a theme to build remainder of paragraph upon.

  • Supporting evidenceYou should have at least two piece of evidence in each paragraph that support your topic sentence.

  • EvidenceUse specific information from the texts or document. The more specific you are, the more difficult it will be to refute your evidence.You may either quote from the primary source or summarize a specific passage; however, you should always cite the page whenever you are using evidence, even if you have not used a direct quote.

  • AnalysisAnalysis is what you think about the evidence you have just offered, and it supports your thesis. This is the really key section of the analytical paper because it tells us what you think!

  • AnalysisSTRONG ANALYSIS:Provides insight and interpretation into meaning of evidence.Shows how offered evidence proves thesis and topic sentence.Does not assume the interpretation is self-evident.

  • Any questions?Watch this againor see Katie or Reynolds!


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