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Cristian, Erick y Alex


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  • Descriptive Paragraphs

  • If you do something wrong you have to face the consequences. People should be great with the rest. But many people hate because they have a black heart, and its bad. When people do bad things there are wars. Do bad thing is a damage, because the people with happy heart are influences. People decide the actions to do, if they are good or bad. All the people need to have a big and great heart to stop violence and evil in the world. People are responsable of all, if they do things well the consequences will be godd. If they do things wrong they have to give face te consequences.

  • The evil queen. She was so dark and jealous of the beauty of SnowWhite. She was bad. And mean I but very beautiful. She want ti be most powerful woman. She want the blood of snowWhite to be inmortal. The blood of SnowWhite was amazing. The queen want her blood to be the most beutiful woman and never get older.

  • In the forest there are somethings horrible and bad that are mysterious. The monster was ugly, horrible, very awful like a beast. The monster is big very big and very tall. His eyes has fire like a flame and doesnt have intelligence, just a lot of strong. And if you do something that makes upset the monster, he can kick you very hard and maybe kill you.

  • Opinion Paragraphs

  • The damage to other people has consequences, and that brings problems. When someone harms a person, sometimes dos not comply with the consequences. The hatred between people is a serious problem in the world. Each day the evil is grater, and the problems are larger. The problem of bullying is very serious,and many people dont care. In a lot of places bullying is spreading, this reason does not break the vicious circle. If we could be able to change, the problem and the unfriendly actitudes could disappear. We must do good things to recive good results, because if we do bad things we will have problems and bad consequences.

  • Victims of bullying are incompressible. Is very common in many schools around the world. It can be in other places too for example miraflores. It includes, blows, insults, discriminatios or it can be making feel alone to other person. There are three types of bullyings. Verbal, physical and emotional. Sometimes people make bullying because they feel that, They are better than other people, or maybe because in their past to someone else did the same to them. We have to think like if we were in their position, we wouldnt like it. So why we do that? And this is serius. Because bullying can be so huge and culd take that person to suicide no body wants that.

  • The bullying is very important because it affects the childhood and the social environment. In the world is one of the problems that affects most of the young people. It causes that the people feel panic and fear. When you think about bullying the first think in your mind is violence, abuse victim. It is traumatic for some people because it creates fear, pain and panic of it. In our environment the strong people control the weak people. So in our environment the bullying causes problems and brings bad things

  • Example Paragraphs

  • Guatemala has a lot of beautiful places to visit. Tikal is a great example of one of places. Antigua is a historic place, this place is visited by a lot of tourist. Solola is another of the most beautiful lakes of the world. We have a beautiful castle in Izabal the Castle of San Felipe. Our country is green, we have a lot of trees, flowers, volcanos and a lot of beautifuls lanscapes. Semuc Champey is awesome, it is visited by a lot of people. Esquipulas has a beautiful church, is one of the mos beautiful churches in the world, it has a lot of history. Guatemala has a lot of beautiful places, Guatemala is a good place to visit.

  • The terrible about the study. Some one said that is very occuped in different homeworks. Others need more time to prepare expositions or some activitis. The students of IGA are or will be crying for the sobreexplotation. Sometimes we need to relax, but we never have that. The teachers dont care about the exaust, they only care about the homwork. Perito contador is a very difficult carreer for the expetation. I cant relax. I only do all for the school. Mafer is my cousin; She will be a secretary and for her taqui, typing and shorthand are difficults. Homerwork is bad for some reasons.

  • There are many things to see in my country. In the world ones of the countries that are amazing is Guatemala. If you want to know come here and Surprise yourself. Here we have wonderful and exciting places. Like Tikal ruins are beautiful and quiet places. Another place that are good is Atitlan it have the most pretty lake of the country. Well finally Guatemala is a exciting country you will visit and feel In an unique experience.

  • Narrative Paragraphs

  • (once minutos)Realice our dreams are good, but we must choose well what we want, so no one take advantage of us like Mara. One girl named Mara, is a poor girl in one little town in Brasil. She tried to superate herself, but that its very difficult in her town. She fall in love several times, but nothing functioned. Mara wants to go to Ro de Janeiro, that is one of her dreams, finally she could go to Ro, that was the first time that she left her town. Mara met a swiss man and offered her a job in Switzerland. After many papers and things Mara decided to go with him. When she was in Switzerland she became a prostitute and the people took advantage of her. She was a dreamer but she made a mistake.

  • (Host)Melany and jared have a very complicated love story that may happen to everybody. She is the last woman in the world and there are two men in the world her brother Jamie and Jared. Jared is a survivor, only he against the world. When Melany finds jared; She fells in love with him. They travel so much with Jamie. They live but they arent the only ones in the world. The aliens eliminate the souls of the people and change their souls for them souls. The aliens want to eliminate Jared, Jamie and Melany but they fight to survive. The souls capture Melany and insert a new soul. She and her new soul one called the traveler; they go to visit the forest, the desert and caverns to search for Jamie and Jared. When she found jared they cant believe but he now she isnt the same. The travel finished when they go out the city, forest and go to hidden from the souls and melany and Jared lived together and happy.

  • (The Game)Every person know that peter is a bad person and one day his brother wanted to change him, so he did some jokes until he wanted to lose his life. Then the brother and a enterprise started to do jokes and peter felt pain and became sad. After peter started to search for who was doing the Jokes. After two or three months peter couldnt find who was, so peter felt bad. After the search the jokes finished and peter felt relax and when he thought that every thing had finish, it started again and then he lived a rare life with pain, scare and sadness.

  • ProcessParagraphs

  • (strategys not fell sleep in class)Its possible not to fell sleep in class if you go to sleep late and do not have an organized life?. First step, not to fell a sleep in class is to do some things. Try to sleep well during the night. Do not lose your time. Dont go to sleep late, only if is for your homework. Second step, you need two important things, to satay happy in your class. Eat a lot of candies to stay like a happy person. Drink soda or coffee to stay awake. Third step,if you nedd something more interesting to stay awake. Use your cellphone to chat with your friends. That is a very good way to stay awake. Sing umbrella song, its very exciting. Make a list of jokes and every five minutes read one. Its possible to stay awake in your class only if you do interesting things, if you are organized, and a happy person every day of your life.

  • (How to bother your brother)Do you want to bother your brother or not? sometimes the big brother has a necessity to bother. I will tell you some secrets about the arts of bother. First, you need to wait for the correct moment. You dont bother when the brother is with his mom; you need wait. If your brother is alone with his parents you stay away for the bed time. Second, you need to think what joke you will do; you need to prepare the material and all that you will need. You need to calacate the material in the correct place. And finally, you just wait your brother in any moment will fell down in the joke. Those are great steps to bother your brother, i wish you the best for your joke.

  • (The secret to be a successful person)Imagine that you are in a problem, and you have to do something to feel better and solucionate your problem. This and other problems can be avoided if you follow this rules. First step you have to know why your have the problem. Then you have to look for solution or how to avoid this kind of problems. Third step you have to live your life with zero problems. Finally you will be a successful person.