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GSE English Logic and Writing Week 4. Description Paragraphs. Today’s Class. Illustration vs Narration Description Paragraphs Writing activity Writing Lesson Writing activity 2 Time to work on Writing HW. Illustration vs Narrative . Examples/Illustrations: explain your ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Description Paragraphs

Description ParagraphsGSE English Logic and Writing Week 4Todays ClassIllustration vs Narration Description ParagraphsWriting activityWriting Lesson Writing activity 2Time to work on Writing HWIllustration vs Narrative Examples/Illustrations: explain your ideasNarrative: tell a story

A strong topic sentence is necessaryMake the reader ask Why? or say Tell me more!

Which topic sentences are stronger?I lived in . Which is near the sea. Viewing the scenery of the countryside, especially seeing wandering cows in the field, reminds me of the times when I visited my grandparents. There are many fun and beautiful childhood memories that I can remember when I was living in I remember the New Years day that I celebrated when I was twelve. I was a girl who always tried to look mature in front of others.

Descriptive Paragraphs Description Paragraphs Sketches or Describes PersonPlace Thing

Uses concrete and specific details Sight SoundSmellTasteTouchMaryMary is as beautiful as a Hollywood star. Her thick, wavy, long black hair gracefully falls down to her shoulders and encircles her diamond-shaped face. A golden suntan usually brings out her smooth, clear complexion and high cheek bones. Her slightly arched chestnut brown eyebrows highlight her emotions by moving up and down as she reacts to her world around her. Her large deep blue eyes, remind me of a lake on a stormy day. Her curved nose gives her a little girl look that makes me want to smile when she talks. And her mouth is a small mouth outlined by puffy lips that she often accentuates with glossy pink lipstick. When she smiles, which is often, her well-formed and even, white teeth brighten up her whole face. I guess you can tell that I am head over heals in love with Mary.

Grasshoppers They came like dive bombers out of the west. They came by the millions with the rustle of their wings roaring overhead. They came in waves, like the rolls of the sea, descending with a terrifying speed, breaking now and again like a might surf. They came with the force of a williwaw and they formed a huge, ominous, dark brown cloud that eclipsed the sun. They dipped and touch the earth, hitting objects like hailstones. But they were not hail. They were live demons. They popped, snapped, crackled, and roared. They were dark brown, an inch or longer in length, plump in the middle and tapered at the ends. They had transparent wings, slender legs, and two black eyes that flashed with a fierce intelligence.

Lonely Planet The following examples are some fun travel writing samples from Lonely Planet, the maker of a popular travel guide series

Central America Tiny on a map, Central America packs in more diversity than any similar-sized area on the planet. No matter when you visit, or how long you're there, daily adventures are there for the taking. They come in all styles fun, easy, bumpy, challenging, surprising, fulfilling the sort youll be talking about for decades.Caribbean white-sand beaches and offshore reefs border lazy backpacker towns while, not far away, coffee-scented mountains reach, Dr Seusslike, through smoke-ring clouds. Spanish haciendas line the cobblestone streets of 16th-century colonial towns under the ominous gaze of lava-gurgling volcanoes. Wander through dense jungle to find Mayan pyramids that date back a millennium as bulldog-sized rodents scurry past and howler monkeys commute in the treetops above you.The USAAmerica is the birthplace of LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Boston and New York City each a brimming metropolis whose name alone conjures a million different notions of culture, cuisine and entertainment. Look more closely, and the American quilt unfurls in all its surprising variety: the eclectic music scene of Austin, the easy-going charms of antebellum Savannah, the eco-consciousness of free-spirited Portland, the magnificent waterfront of San Francisco, and the captivating old quarters of New Orleans, still rising up from its waterlogged ashes.

This is a country of road trips and great open skies, where four million miles of highways lead past red-rock deserts, below toweringmountain peaks, and across fertile wheat fields that roll off towardthe horizon. The sun-bleached hillsides of the Great Plains, the lushrain forests of the Pacific Northwest and the scenic country lanes ofNew England are a few fine starting points for the great Americanroad trip.

Description Paragraph ActivityGroups of 2Pick an international (or domestic) city or countryMake the class want to go there! Write 3-4 sentences

Uses concrete and specific details A city/country of See/ Stroll down/wander/travel through theSmell/take in/breathe in/ theTaste/sample/try/ theHear/listen to/enjoy theExperience/take part in/ some activity

Writing Lesson Confusing wordsThese confusing words, once used correctly, can help you write more complex and interesting sounding sentences. Accept vs. Except Accept to agree, to receiveI accept your offer.

Except but, with the exception thatI like every season except winter.

HINT: Except excludes something1Affect vs. Effect Affect influence, emotional expression (noun)How do the budget cuts affect your office?She showed little affect when told she had won the game.

Effect cause, result, preceded by a/an/any/the/take/intoWhat is the effect of behavior modification on students? What effect did her speech have?

HINT: Affection is emotional and helps you gain influence

2Allude vs. Elude Allude to refer indirectlyShe alluded to the fact that she doesnt like American food.

Elude to avoid captureThe thief eluded the police for a month.

HINT: Elude evade

3Assure vs. EnsureAssure To promise or say with confidenceI assure you that Korea is a very safe country.

Ensure To make sure something will/wont happenTo ensure the event would be successful, the committee planned several months in advance.

HINT: The prefix en means to put into something. We put a lot of hard work into something to ensure it happens/doesnt happen.4Complement vs. ComplimentComplement go well together Your shirt complements your purse quite nicely. Compliment praise The teacher complimented the student.

HINT: I like to give compliments.5Description Paragraph ActivityAdd one of the confusing words to it!Accept- the people will accept you with open armsExcept - except for the cold rainy seasonAllude- the museums allude to a less prosperous timeElude - the traditional dances will elude your senses Assure- you can rest assured thatEnsure- to ensure you get the most out of your tripAffect- seeing this country firsthand will affect youEffect - the effect of visiting another country is Complement- complement your trip to the museum with Compliment - the people will give you many compliments

Your Homework Write a descriptive paragraph on the topic of your choice; any person, place or thing is ok.

Feel free to expand on your travel writing!

Experiment! Use complex, difficult-to-use English!

Paragraph Type Purpose Example To explain a topic. The reader should ask, For example? Illustration Extended examples frequently presented in story form. NarrativeTells a story or part of a story using details. DescriptionSketches a portrait of a person, place or thing by using details that appeal to the senses.