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  • 1. Performance AuditAdding ValueICGFM Conference May 19, 2011
    Lily Bi, CIA, CGEIT, CISA
    Director, Standards and Guidance
    Institute of Internal Auditors

2. Program Objectives

  • Understand the Landscape

3. Internal Audit 4. Concept and Benefits of Performance Audit 5. Increase your ability to work with management in a positive and constructive partnership 6. The International Standards for Professional Practice of Internal AuditingAnalyze risks and develop a risk-based performance audit
Learn a value-for-money approach for performance audit
Final Thoughts Trend of Internal Audit Profession
7. Program Topics
Unit 1 - Understand the Landscape
Unit 2 - Management Functions and Performance Measures
Unit 3 - International Standards For Performance Audit
Unit 4 - Risk-Based Approach (Case Study)
Unit 5 - Value-for-Money Approach (Case Study)
Unit 6 Final Thoughts
8. Working Agreement
P = Participation
O = Openness
S = Sense of fun
E = Enthusiasm
9. Unit 1
Understand the Landscape

  • The road map of internal audit profession

10. The definition of internal Auditing 11. The definition of performance audit 12. Benefit of performance audit


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