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MAPR presentation on how to act like business people whilst still at Uni. Get in touch through MAPR if you'd like any further points clarified.


  • 1. Adding value to your degree Carla Wez


  • Wez Sports Marketing
  • Carla Marketing and PR

Who are we? 3. Website 4.

  • Key tips:
  • Free site builder (wordpress, moonfruit, doodlekit, webeden)
  • Show Personality
  • Updated (especially if blogging)
  • Employer area

5. Business cards

  • Name
  • Course
  • University
  • 'Headline'
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Linked-in
  • Blog
  • Website

Looking for industry Experience 6. Networking site

  • Linkedin.
  • Follow etiquette
  • Use the groups
  • Use the Amazon book list
  • Write and ask for recommendations
  • Link to everything else
  • Ask for advice, not connections

7. Other networking sites:


8. Get tweeting Careful with your user name Be inventive with your bio Be smart about your location Use the entire page Link to your blog Keep your content interesting Contribute to conversations and communities 9. 10. As opposed to twitter itself

  • Tweetree 'embeds links & images'
  • Tweetvisor 'multiple accounts'
  • Itweet 'good for searching'
  • Hootsuite 'seperate users/same account'
  • Twitree 'visual network'
  • Twellow 'twitter yellow pages'
  • Listorious 'users most popular lists'
  • Twibes 'more lists'

11. Blogging Content Rules by Handley & Chapman. Seminar work Speak human not academic Show stories Dont tell boring 400 words maxLeave white space Add Links (seo) Finish on a question 12. Other internet options Podcasts Videos Slideshare Online presence = online CV http:// / 13. In University

  • MAPR
  • Business society
  • CI Management
  • Make your own
  • Lincoln Award
  • Use the Enterprise building (opportunities service)
  • Work experience (Tracy Lamping)
  • Get to know the right staff

14. Nationally CIMarketing CIPR CIManagement Lincoln Business Club Lincoln Business Networking MarketingWeekly, PRweek etc. 15. Get involved

  • Find a project to practice onStudent as Producer
  • Stay open to opportunities
  • Frequency
  • Go to random guest lectures.

16. Work Experience

  • Be proactive
  • Dont give up
  • Research, research, research!
  • Explore different areas
  • Treat each day as an interview

17. Networking

  • Key to opening doors to experience opportunities
  • Talk to people about the practicalities of being in the industry
  • Useful contacts for the future if not right away

18. Thank you for listening, any questions?