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EMS adding value. IEMA regional workshop 07/07/10 Matthew Payne Environmental Improvement Manager. Overview. About Rolls-Royce Reasons for having an EMS History of EMS in Rolls-Royce Experience of benefits from having an EMS. Our four markets. Rolls-Royce proprietary information. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • OverviewAbout Rolls-RoyceReasons for having an EMSHistory of EMS in Rolls-RoyceExperience of benefits from having an EMS

  • Rolls-Royce proprietary informationOur four markets

  • Rolls-Royce proprietary informationKey statistics

  • Why have an EMS?Tick in the box?Badge on the wall?Adding value to the business?

  • Benefits of an effective EMS

    Assists in the protection of the environment

    Helps in reducing potential business risks

    Turn potential business threats resulting from environmental concerns into business opportunities

  • Areas an EMS can add value

  • History of EMS in Rolls-Royce1994 HS&E Manual (mainly H&S)1997 Main Board commitment to achieve ISO 14001 certification19981999 EMS implementation programme1999 Businesses certified to ISO 140012000 onwards - new businesses mandated to achieve certification2009 Move to global certification contract

  • Rolls-Royce proprietary informationOur environment strategy

  • Scope of our EMS includesActivitiesManufacturingProduct testPurchasing supply chain managementFacilities managementOffices & support functionsProductsDesignMaterialsR&DServicesField service

  • GovernanceEMS has assisted with governance Focus on what is important (key risks)Exec level responsibilityManagement reviewSupporting meeting structureCommunicationE.g public reportingIndependent assuranceManagement systemsPerformance data

  • Stakeholders & company reputationEMS benefitsCustomersIncreasingly requiring formal EMSAbility to respond to technical questionsAssuranceRegulatorsMaintain compliance, robust emergency arrangementsPublicResponsible and responsive neighbourBenchmarking via indexes (BiTC, DJSI etc)

  • Efficiencies from integration of EMSCombined HS&E management systemSynergies withManagement System documentationO&T setting and trackingManagement reviewEtcIncorporated into QMSSynergies with:Audit processDocument & record control

  • EMS & maintaining legal complianceEnvironmental law still developingLicence to operateE.g. Env. Permitting RegsKeeping aheadMaintain access to marketsManage business continuity risks E.g. REACH, RoHS etcMaintain/enhance reputationCRC league tablesNegative publicity for incidents/ breaches of regulation

  • Continual improvement - performance

  • Waste reduction & product qualityEMS target to reduce wasteFoundry sand a dominant waste streamThermal reclamation plant installed at Bergen foundry ~ 2006BenefitsLess raw materials needed ~ 50% reduction in landfilled sand~ 350k savings/yearImprovements to casting quality

  • Recycling & resource efficiencyEMS target to increase recyclingMetal recyclingManufacturing and scrap productSegregation better financial returnMove to closed loop recyclingSustainability of limited resourcesmaintain continuity of access to specific materialsFeedstock back into product

  • Energy saving & productivityCeramic core manufactureChange from conventional electric to microwave drying oven90% reduction in energy use33% reduction in drying cycle

  • Using EMS to influence behaviourEnergy saving (turn it off campaign) Cost savingWaste segregationEasier to recycleLower disposal costs

  • EMS and influencing supply chainIncreasing stakeholder expectationsJourney part of long term continual improvementBenefitsIncreased awareness of environmental issuesRisk management (e.g. REACH)Business requirementsHS&E policy for suppliersTechnical issuese.g. hazardous substance managemente.g. packaging requirementsSupportSupplier environmental workshopsAwareness materials

  • QuestionsFurther informationwww.rolls-royce.com/cr


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