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  • 1. Welcome back year 10 OK so what do you remember from last lesson?

2. Recap on Classification of Industry There are 3 classifications 1.Primary 2.Secondary 3.Tertiary 3. Write down 1-10 1. Fishing 2. Taxi service 3. Quarrying 4. Car manufacturing 5. Steel Mill 6. Insurance 7. Building (houses) 8. Petrol Station 9. Oil refinery 10. Mobile phone networkWrite down the classification of industry against the number on your scrap paper You can put just a letter to represent the following P Primary S Secondary T Tertiary 4. OK and just a quick start on Locality of business (where the business operates) We split this into 3 areasLocal, National and International Now list 3 examples for each 5. Right Now We Will Start!! 6. Today's topic? 7. Adding Value 8. Adding Value This is where raw materials or component parts are processed to boost their value when they are sold on. 9. The adding value process From primary sector to consumer. Every product we buy has been processed in a way that makes it more valuable to us (the consumer) than it was originally. Even if that is just delivering something, that service adds value, making the product more valuable For example 10. In pairs think of a product Try to identify every stage this product goes through (I want original ideas) From primary sector to consumer Plot out on paper your value added process And be prepared to present your idea to the rest of the class 11. I am setting you homework For Thursday I want you to have your added value process made into a poster suitable for our lovely classroom. The best will make it to the year 10 wall of glory!! I want colour and detail, explain the individual processes and how they add value 12. Feedback time I will give you a post-it Please stick them on the board on your way out with any comments you have for me You do not need to put your name on these And if you leave it blank you can put it at the top of the board if you enjoyed the lesson, and the bottom of the board if you did not etc... If you find the lessons hard or there are areas you are not clear about please let me know


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