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2. BGR! Mission: The mission of Black Girls RUN! is to encourage African-American women to make fitness and healthy living a priority. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of African-Americanwomen are overweight. BGR! wants to create a movement to lower that percentage and subsequently, lower the number of women with chronic diseases associated with an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.BGR! sees itself as the BGR! group that . By the end of 2014 BGR! would like to By end of March 2014 BGR! would like to. We recognize that the biggest 2 challenges are (only list 2!): Challenge 1 Challenge 2Classified - Unclassified 3. Challenge #1 Root cause (ask why 3 times!) Possible Solution 1 Possible Solution 2Challenge #2 Root cause (ask why 3 times!) Possible Solution 1 Possible Solution 2Classified - Unclassified 4. Local Running Stores Other Running Organizations Race Directors If you are a new ambassador team, please ensure that old ambassadors help bridge the relationship gap.Classified - Unclassified 5. Category of IdeaIdea DescriptionTarget Date / Person Timeline ResponsibleBasicsPromotes the BGR! mission to all womenYear-RoundALLBasicsAppoints Group Run Leaders/CoordinatorsYear-Round as neededALLBasicsAdds/Approves members to the Facebook pageYear-RoundALLBasicsLogs in daily to police their group specific FB pageYear-RoundALLBasicsManages Documents on the pageYear-RoundTBDBasicsManages Events added to the pageYear-RoundTBDBasicsResponds to all local media requests (Once approved by HQ)Year-RoundTBDBasicsFollows up with FAQ's if other members from the group haven't chimed inYear-RoundALLBasicsWelcomes new members to the page as they are added and directing them to the Welcome Document or posting a Welcome messageYear-RoundTBDBasicsServe as RRCA lead for the marketYear-RoundTBDTeam HelpersClassified - UnclassifiedGRLCan be delegated to GRL, but should be monitored 6. Event January 2014 Goal SocialDateWhereCommunity Costs? BGR! Ambassador Involvement? Estimate Lead (Run partners, non-BGR entities)Classified - UnclassifiedTeam Helpers 7. RaceDistanceDateLocation (Run partners, non-BGR entities)Classified - UnclassifiedDiscount Race Director / Available? Race ContractVolunteer Commitment? 8. Not committed at this point, but a good ideas to pursue in futureClassified - Unclassified 9. Organic vs. Strategic Ladies start meeting routinely and demonstrate a commitment to keeping a run consistent Popular area of market that has potential, but no runs currently happening Make a call to recruit ambassadors or appoint those whove taken initiative to start up runs in an area. I can provide language that helps to attract RCs Most effective model is co-RC, at least 2 maintaining one run. Ensuring that an official run is consistently happening is key to retaining interested ladies Welcoming, provide routes, announces Ambassador updates and rules of run, accountable for the last lady making it back. Key to note that all levels welcome, which can be a challenge. Consider one runnerClassified - Unclassified 10. Facebook mirrors the culture driven by ambassador team Many members use the page for encouragement, even if they dont join on pavement. Messaging should be positive and reflect the diversity of the group in terms of paces, distances, weights, etc Good Facebook page content can inspire a lady to go from a wall watcher to a pavement pusher Group page search function Average user experiences group page on a smart phone Pinned posts arent most effective way to communicate broad long-standing announcements / information Event functionality helps with awareness and events should be posted 3-5 days prior to event Consider using Google calendar to avoid having to post routine events and direct members to check out calendar.Consider featuring different group runs leads to ensure that members feel comfortable with those who will greet them on the pavement. Classified - Unclassified 11. Adding new members to Facebook is an excellent way to engage new members. It helps them helps them have direction about where to start and the personal touch promotes an initial comfort level. From a computer, Ive found this to be an effective way of adding new members and greeting them:Classified - Unclassified 12. To protect ambassadors from any missteps in handling of cash related to an event, please prepare budget and submit to RA 6 weeks before event. Okay to use paypal for ladies to contribute their portion. No profit should be made on event, but rather offset costs such that ambassador does not incur costs on behalf of members Classified - Unclassified 13. When there are group runs, post the group photos both in the facebook group page and also on your personal page and encourage others. You'll attract people into the group page by increasing awareness among ladies that you are friends with. (You can even post on your page a photo from another group that has many ladies and post it on your page like, BGR! has landed in Columbus and we want to see ALL the ladies out with us...walking, jogging running and moving!) Is there a local 5k that is popular? Encourage ladies to sign-up and host like 6 - 8 week environment where you can support them in efforts to progress. How do black folks (women) in the market socialize? Church? Sororities? Book Clubs? PTAs? Young Professional Crowds? Veteran groups? - How can we get word out to these groups and/or make a challenge to encourage ladies to do their 1st 5k with the support of BGR! Are there gyms in the area? Can ladies wear their BGR! gear to the gym and be friendly toward others who Do you have relationships with personal trainers in the area? If so, offer BGR! as an outlet for them to send clients to in order to get cardio in and meet more people. Does the Run in BGR! intimidate ladies? Emphasize the concept of walk, jog run to help ladies know that all fitness levels are welcome. Using the facebook page to tag and engage ladies in a conversation about health & fitness. Kick off the new year with a Freakum Dress challenge, similar to the one that Birmingham did. Ask ladies to look in their closet for a dress or outfit that they'd like to work to get back into and feel confident. A +1 challenge - encourage ladies to bring +1 friend to the next group meet-up. Pick areas to run that are in heavy traffic areas and/or highly visible (particularly in areas with a higher density of black folks). People will take notice and get curious why a group of black women are running.Classified - Unclassified