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School Project: This is a new media marketing plan for Reebok CrossFit to use.


<ul><li> 1. By: Simon Mentzer</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Reebok CrossFit?O CrossFit: CrossFit is a new type ofexercise that combines weightlifting,sprinting, gymnastics, nutrition and variedworkouts every single day.O Reebok: Makes apparel specific forpartaking in CrossFit and CrossFitGames.O CrossFit Games: Competitions all over theworld where people complete workoutsagainst each other. 3. Reebok CrossFit Cont.O WOD: Workout ofthe Day. CrossFit isbased on full bodyfuntional movementwhere workouts arenever the sameeveryday.O Apparel that Reeboksells: Hats, shoes,shirts, pants, glovesand it all is in thevein of CrossFit. 4. Target AudienceO Already physically activecommunity that has yet toadopt the teachings andmethods of CrossFit.O One of the hardest thingsto do is to get people whoare not at all physicallyactive to want to engagein physical activity. It willbe much easier to getpeople who are alreadysomewhat active tobecome more interestedin a new type of fitness. 5. KPIO Sales of ApparelO Trends on TwitterO Facebook LikesO Google Analytics 6. Big Idea: WOD ContestOPeople will post theirWOD and completiontime for a month.(Everyday)O People must upload aphotograph toInstagram ofthemselves in ReebokCrossFit gear doing theWODO Must Tweet the picusing the hashtag-#reebokcrossfitWODO Upon Completion:person receives dealsfor Reebok CrossFitapparel. 7. Big Idea: StrategyO It is my belief that people who do CrossFitwill go through a lot of clothing in amonths time. Why not reward these hard-working people with coupons and dealsfor more clothes?O People are proud to be a part of theCrossFit community so I believe thatpeople will help promote for us byshowing off and wearing our products inthe event that they receive deals on gear. 8. Tools and TacticsO One picture doing an exercise everydayusing Instagram and wearing ReebokCrossFit apparel.O Post pic to Twitter with the hashtag#Reebok CrossFit.O One pic everyday of the month.O People must post their Instagram pic andTweet to Facebook status everyday. 9. BudgetO 6 million on TV adsO 50k for the merchandise available uponcompletion of the WOD contestO 6 million to sponsor CrossFit gyms aroundthe countryO 6 million online ads (Twitter, Facebookand Google) 10. SummaryO By promoting the WOD 30-day Reebok CrossFit Challenge we will create more of a buzz and more of an incentive to engage in CrossFit, buy Reebok CrossFit apparel and have the underlying theme of promoting health. Using free social media outlets, people already have the tools they need to get involved in this contest, get sweet deals and become healthier all with the Reebok name involved. Advertising online, in gyms around the country and on TV will get the name out there and inform people of the 30-day challenge. </p>