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  • 1. Kleenex Shelby Exel NMDL Final Presentation

2. History 1925 Kleenex was advertised in Ladies Home Journal; marketed towards women only Kimberly- Clark corporation is the creator of the original Kleenex brand The word Kleenex is now used to describe any facial tissue 3. Expanding the Brand! Our goal is to expand the brand using digital marketing There are many facial tissues but I want Kleenex to be on top! Creating a signature phrase or icon will help spread the brand 4. Target Audience Men AND Women over the age of 30 They are more likely to have families to take care of 5. Big Idea Kleenex would be based more towards families Women and men over 30 can relate to family based ads Using children can catch peoples hearts 6. KPI Sales would prove how my digital marketing is affecting the campaign My main goal would be to make a profit while outselling other facial tissues 7. Twitter Twitter is a fast and cheap way to advertise Interacting with twitter users catches peoples attention and sets you apart from other Twitter users Retweets help easily spread your brand 8. Blogging Blogs are a great way to get feedback I would interact with bloggers to see what they want out of my product Negative feedback will only help you 9. Facebook Facebook is an easy way for people to like a brand Once the brand is liked small ads will show up on peoples screens Facebook can be used to share comments about the brand and to 10. YouTube YouTube can be used to show off commercial Contest can be created to advertise Kleenex 30 second ads before videos can be created 11. Budget Kleenex now = $51 million My Kleenex campaign = $30 million Commercial fees = $110,000.00 per commercial The main goal is to spend less then the brand does now and to create a larger profit 12. Keep It Clean, Use A Kleenex!