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  • Conference discussing the creative economy, innovation and the future

  • Background on SparkLabs

    SparkLabs is Koreas premier startup accelerator. We provide a 3-month

    long program for seed to early-stage entrepreneurs who have a vision

    beyond Koreas borders. Entrepreneurs who want to build global companies

    and have a vision to expand to the U.S., China, Japan and elsewhere.

    SparkLabs uniquely provides a world-class team of mentors to accelerate

    and guide each of our companies.

    Mentorship-driven Startup Accelerator

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  • NEXT Conference

    SparkLabs focuses on culGvaGng and empowering Korean startups to go

    abroad. In the same spirit, SparkLabs wants to bring the best minds and

    most innovaGve people to Korea. We want to enhance Korea's already

    creaGve culture with visionaries, investors, corporate leaders and

    entrepreneurs from other parts of the globe for the rst Gme in Korea to

    explore our future and innovaGon across various industries. Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • NEXT Conference

    DATE: June 14th

    TIME: 9:00am 6:00pm

    Loca,on: COEX ConvenGon Center

    Seoul, Korea

    A.endance: 400 Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • NEXT Conference A world-class conference discussing the creative economy, innovation and our future.

  • Speakers

    Ray Ozzie, Founder & CEO of Talko Former Chief SoUware Architect at MicrosoU, which he took over from Bill Gates Bill Gates called him one of the ve best programmers in the world.

    Catherine Mohr, Director of Medical Research at Intui,ve Surgical Clinical design leader for the DaVinci Surgical RoboGc system Featured speaker at TED conference in Long Beach, CA

    Richard Florida Author of Rise of the Crea,ve Class

    Esquire Magazines The Best and the Brightest list Fast Company dubbed him an intellectual rock star Time Magazines 140 Best Twiaer Feeds in the world

    Frank Meehan, Founder & CEO of Kuato Studios EIR with Horizon Ventures (Li Ka-shing's private VC rm) Former board member of SpoGfy ($3 billion valuaGon), Siri (acquired by Apple) Current board member of Summly (recently acquired by Yahoo!)

    Over 20 world-class speakers coming to Seoul

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  • Attendees

    Some of the 23 SparkLabs mentors a.ending:

    Net Jacobsson, former Facebook execuGve (rst internaGonal execuGve) Doug Glen, former CEO of Imagi Studios (HK) & former President of Maael Media David Song, General Manager for China (North & NorthEast Territories) at Nike Teddy Zee, Head of CreaGve, Mobile Technologies of Rambus & Film Producer Crick Waters, Co-founder of Ribbit (acquired by BT for $105 million) Ann Greenberg, Co-founder of Gracenote (acquired by Sony for $260 million) Eric Kim, Managing Director of Maverick Capital (investor in KakaoTalk & Coupang) CJ Guinness, Partner of St. James Partners Eliot Kang, former President & CEO GIIR Pavan Nigam, Co-Founder of Healtheon/WebMD Young Chung, General Partner at DAG Ventures

    400 In!uencers from Korea & Worldwide

    Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • Agenda 8:00am Registra'on

    9:00am Fireside Chat with Ray Ozzie & Moderated by Spencer Reiss (WIRED)

    9:30am Future of Educa=on Frank Meehan, CEO of Kuato Studios Jeremy Johnson, Co-founder & President, Undergraduate Programs at 2U Gene Wade, Co-founder & CEO of UniversityNow Moderated by Zach Seward (Quartz)

    10:15am Coee Break

    10:30am Future of Retail David Lee, SVP of Finance at Best Buy Jonathan Levine, Vice CTO of Rakuten

    Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • Agenda 11:15am Searchs Next Domain

    Pat Kinsel, Co-founder & CEO of Spindle Tomer Kagan, Co-founder & CEO of Quixey Moderate by Catherine Hsu (TechCrunch)

    12:00pm LUNCH

    1:00pm Innova=on in Healthcare Pavan Nigam, Co-founder of Healtheon/WebMD Kai Huang, Co-Founder of Guitar Hero Catherine Mohr, Director of Medical Research at IntuiGve Surgical Moderated by Susan Lee MacDonald (ArirangTV)

    1:45pm Andrew Keen, Author of Digital Ver,go

    2:15pm Coee Break

    Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • Agenda 2:45pm Innova=ons in Cloud Compu=ng

    In Sik Rhee, General Partner at Rembrandt Venture Partners Eiji Uda, CEO of Japan Amr Awadallah, CTO & Co-Founder of Cloudera Moderated by Serkan Toto (TechCrunch)

    3:30pm Innova=ons in Mobile Ivo Weevers, Head of Design, Ubuntu Bin Lin, Co-Founder & President at Xiaomi InJong Rhee, SVP of Technology Strategy at Samsung Electronics Moderated by Jon Russell (The Next Web)

    4:15pm Ci=es Leading Global Innova=on Richard Florida, Author of Rise of the CreaGve Class Richard Dobbs, Director of McKinsey Global InsGtute Moderated by Spencer Reiss (WIRED)

    Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • Speakers Bios Ray Ozzie, Founder & CEO of Talko

    Ray Ozzie is an independent soUware entrepreneur and pioneer in social producGvity, an area more known in the eld as Computer-Supported CooperaGve Work. He recently founded and serves as CEO of Talko, a startup focused on a new generaGon of mobile communicaGons apps and services. Through late 2010 he was Chief SoUware Architect of MicrosoU, the companys most senior technical strategy & architecture role previously held by Bill Gates.

    Ray Ozzie came to MicrosoU in 2005 through the acquisiGon of Groove Networks, a company he founded in 1997 to focus on soUware and services for small-team dynamic collaboraGon. Prior to Groove, in 1984 Ozzie founded and led Iris Associates, the creator and developer of Lotus Notes. A decade later, Iris was acquired by Lotus and then by IBM. Under his leadership during that period, Lotus Notes grew to be used for communicaGon & social producGvity by hundreds of millions at most major enterprises worldwide. Before creaGng Notes, he worked on 1-2-3 and Symphony at Lotus, on VisiCalc and TK!Solver at SoUware Arts, and on operaGng systems at Data General.

    Ozzie studied computer science & engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he has been honored as a disGnguished alumnus. It was there where he rst took in the signicance of online community and social interacGve systems as a systems developer on the seminal PLATO project.

    Honored as one of seven Windows Pioneers by MicrosoU, Ozzie was named Person of the Year by PC Magazine, and has been inducted into the Computer Museum Industry Hall of Fame. He has been honored as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and has received numerous awards including the IEEE Computer Society's W. Wallace McDowell Award and the SDForum Visionary Award. In 2004 Ozzie was inducted as a member of the NaGonal Academy of Engineering, and in 2010 he was named as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

    Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • Speakers Bios Richard Florida, Author of Rise of the Crea,ve Class

    The Director of the MarGn Prosperity InsGtute at the University of Torontos Rotman School of Management, Global Research Professor at New York University, and the founder of the CreaGve Class Group, which works closely with governments and companies worldwide, Richard Florida is perhaps the worlds leading urbanist, as close to a household name as it is possible for an urban theorist to be in America, according to The Economist. Esquire has included him on its annual list of The Best and the Brightest, and Fast Company dubbed him an intellectual rock star.

    Florida is the author of several global best sellers, including the award-winning The Rise of the CreaGve Class (one of the best business books of all Gme800-CEO-READ), and is a senior editor for The AtlanGc, where he co-founded and serves as Editor-at-Large for AtlanGc CiGes, the worlds leading media site devoted to ciGes and urban aairs. Florida appears regularly on CNN and other news broadcasts and is a regular contributor to the op ed pages of major newspapers and magazines. TIME magazine recognized his Twiaer feed as one of the 140 most inuenGal in the world.

    Florida previously taught at Carnegie Mellon and George Mason University, and has been a visiGng professor at Harvard and MIT. He earned his Bachelors degree from Rutgers College and his Ph.D. from Columbia University.

    Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • Speakers Bios Catherine Mohr, Director of Medical Research at Intui,ve Surgical

    Dr. Catherine Mohr is currently the Director of Medical Research at IntuiGve Surgical, where she develops new surgical procedures and evaluates new technologies for improving surgical outcomes.

    An expert in the elds of roboGc surgery and sustainable technologies, Dr. Mohr is passionate about realizing the potenGal benet that appropriately applied technologies can have in our society. She has had numerous arGcles published and been featured in the news many Gmes.

    Conden'al. Please do not distribute.

  • Speakers Bios Frank Meehan, Founder and CEO of Kuato Studios

    Frank Meehan is Founder and CEO of Kuato Studios, a next generaGon AI company focused on learning and gaming, backed by SRI InternaGonal the creators of Siri.

    He is also EIR with Horizons Ventures, Li Ka-shing's private VC rm, and was a board director at SpoGfy, Siri, AecGva, Bitcasa and Fixmo. Currently on the boards of Summly, DesG, Ginger and Doubletwist. Originally a coder/troubleshooter with Ericsson, Frank has worked in mobile sin