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Una vision personal sobre el futuro de la innovacion (en 500 palabras), combinada con imagenes de Txuma Campos -visual relax-. Es la contribución al proyecto http://thefutureofinnovation.org presentado en la conferencia de la ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation management) celebrado en Viena 2009, y que se unea otras 350 visiones personales de más de 30 paises: Una autentica Wiki sobre Innovacion.


  • 1. The Future of Innovation.

2. The Challenge: 500 words to describe a personal view about the future of innovationThe target: To get as many as 350 views originated by people from as many countries as possible..The purpose: summarize them together in a conference, a web and a book that would establish the current vision on the topic. A Wiki on the future of InnovationThe result: http://thefutureofinnovation.org/Upon its release a co-created and visually relaxing combined proposal. Just 4 joy. 3. The future of innovation will not happen to us. We, the people, will make it happen. 4. Actually, we are already creating it with our choices, hesitations, the actions we take and the ones we do not dare to take-. 5. Our ideas and visions are shaping that future. 6. We are already living it. 7. The future of innovation can only have one purpose: to make people life easier: 8. It is useful, practical, focussed on actual solutions, meaningful, user-centred, functional and ergonomic. 9. It must add value, to close gaps. 10. It is simple, not superficially high-tech. Regardless the technology we apply, it needs to be accessible to every body, both to the digital natives of the gamer generation and to their grannies. 11. Technology only works as a facilitator. 12. It is based on digitalisation and connectivity: If it can be digitalized, it will be so. 13. It is miscellaneous, enriched by user generated contents, html tagged, geo- positioned and mobile. 14. The solution you may need in any given moment is reachable whenever and wherever you are. 15. The future of innovation is P-2-P, collaborative, customized, and self expanded: individual wikipedic knowledge knows no barriers, no borders. 16. It is open, intuitive, sees possibilities and generates opportunities. 17. It finds serendipitous discoveries that reward endeavour and hours of code embedding, experience designing and linking. 18. Nonetheless, the future of innovation requires, establishes and promotes a new mind set. 19. It is multitask, multimedia, multi- sensorial, multiethnic, multi-stakeholder, diverse and convergent: East meets west, North encounters south, feminine views generate evenomics, and new lifestyles that merge leisure and business. 20. It is bond to be free and open- source; the so called emerging countries catch up quickly and take the lead. 21. They are young, affluent and willing to live their exciting moments as other societies had already done so in the last half century. 22. Millions of people are climbing the development ladder unstoppably and creating powerful trends. 23. It is urban, young and is fun. 24. The future of Innovation faces and solves- serious challenges attached to Globalization: 25. Leveraging on lessons learnt from the past, it promotes sustainable development harvesting natural resources matching scarcity and biodiversity with the needs of growing demographics. 26. It is environmental friendly, carbon neutral, recyclable and long-term conscious. 27. It is transparent, acts locally with a global mindset. 28. The control returns to people hands, self organized in NGOs and counterbalancing the momentum of short term driven corporations and Governments. 29. The Future of innovation is tolerant of ambiguity, capable of combining multiple solutions to multifaceted challenges 30. The future of innovation is about us, sharing, creating and uploading our contents, networking, connecting conversations, and turning ideas into facts and those into attitudes. 31. It means empowering people that turn communication into action with their finger tips. 32. The human being again is in the spotlight, can be heard and seen, is confident and creative such in a new Renaissance 33. The future of innovation is kaleidoskopical, hybrid, mobile, connected, distributed, articulated, flexible, and begins now. 34. It is our call. Are we going to miss it? 35. Co-created spontaneously by. Text: Nacho Villoch Photos : Txuma Campos http://thefutureofinnovation.org/contributions/view/524/the_future_of_innovation_is_our_call_here_ Visual Relax www.txumacampos.com