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Monthly printed newsletter and calendar for St. Paul Lutheran Church in Seymour, Indiana.


St. Paul Lutheran Church 10792 N Co Rd 210 E, Seymour, IN 47274 Phone:(812) 522-7364Office Email:stpaullutheran@stpaul -borchers.orgWeb site:http://www.stpaul From the Pastors Desk Reminders to Pray

For Christmas last year, I got an UP band by Jawbone.The UP band is one of the activity trackers like Fit Bit, Nike Fuel band, etc.These bands are like pedometers and track how many steps you take, they also track sleep and can track food that you.The reason that these types of bands have become somewhat popular is that they track several things so that you will know how well you sleep, how active you are, etc.One of the features on my band is that I can set the band to vibrate if I have been inactive for a specific period of time.The rationale is that it is a subtle reminder that I should get up and take a short walk or at least move around some.Also, by tracking my steps, it helps keeps me on track for trying to reach my goal of 10,000 steps a day.When I sync my band and it tells me how many steps I have taken, it serves as a reminder that I may need to take more steps to reach my goal. The reason I am writing about this band; is it got me thinking about what helps serve as a reminder to pray.What helps keep me on track for praying everyday and reminds me to be attentive to my prayer life? I remember some years ago, there was a practice that gained some popularity of passing out little dots that had adhesive on the back.The instructions were to take the dot and put it on your watch so that every time, you looked at your watch you would be reminded to pray.In our day and age, it would be to put it on our cell phone. Others may use a necklace or a bracelet that has a cross or some other symbol or phrase that would do the same thing.Many years ago, people wore something that had the phrase WWJD (what would Jesus do) or FROG (fully rely on God).Others still would carry a small cross with them in their pocket.These also serve the same function as a reminder to be attentive to our spiritual life. Some may not need these types of reminders, but often even with good intentionspeople get busy and it is easy to forget to pray or not be as prayerful as we might want to be. My goal in writing on prayer this month is for you to be attentive to your own prayer life and think about what might be helpful to use to serve as a reminder to be in prayer regularly and often.We do not need to rely upon fads like some of the ways in the pastthe key is what works for you.What is it that will serve as your own reminder to be in prayer.It could be something I mentioned, it could be scheduling it into your day planner, or it could be something completely different.The goal is simply to have something that re-minds us to be in prayer. Keep on praying in the new year! 2014 1Karen Wiesehan 1Dan Davis 1 Jean Floyd 1Carrie Schepman 2Ronnie Herkamp 2Susie Alstatt 2Kylie Eglen 3Jan Otte 6Susan Helwig 7Marilyn Tangman 7Edward DeVoe 8Grace Otte 9Joe Tormoehlen 9Gwen Newkirk 10Dan Hoene 11Anna Holle 11Charlena Warfield 11Sara Rapp 11Tiffany Otte 11Joshua Rotert 12Jennifer Benter 12Cole Fosbrink 13Garrett Alstatt 13 Lainey Jackson 14Paul Hoene 14Alex Rust 15Perry Reichenba 16Doug Hoene 16Regina Bambrick Rust 16Meagon Price 16Chris McIntire 16Leah Wente 17Kent Carr 17Darren Carr 18Ruth Ann Hendrix 18Penny Heater 18Melody Black 18Angel Wente 19Kathy Littleton19Matt Claycamp 20Bill Neidinger 20Adam Engelau 20Abigail Hoevener 20Melissa Christian 21Donald Schnitker 22Lou Ann Wyatt 22Macy Rotert 22Desiree Steinkamp 22Cheyenne Douglass 23Nina Franke 23Zachary Lawles 24Susan Holle 24Jamie Baer 25Roger Huffman 25 Luke Tormoehlen 25Seth Douglass 28John Wyatt 29Jarred Holland 29Leo Baker 30Dan Claycamp June Volunteers Greeters Merrell and Sara Otte (8:00)John and Amy Pierceall (10:15) Communion Assistants Merrell Otte (8:00)Bill Wonning (10:15) Altar Care June 1 & 15-Linda Seitz June 8-Sara Otte (8:00)June 22-Linda Rust (8:00) Lectors June 1-Jamie Baker (8:00)Judy Wonning (10:15) June 8-Lou Ann Hoevener (8:00)Hannah Davis (10:15) June 15-Mark Rorick (8:00) Amy Rotert (10:15) June 22-Mandy Rorick (8:00)Jack Tormoehlen (10:15) June 29-Doris Rorick (8:00) Amy Pierceall (10:15) Acolytes June 1-Maggie Newkirk (8:00)Lyra Claycamp (10:15) June 8-Cole Fosbrink (8:00) Tyson Lawles (10:15) June 15-Adam Newkirk (8:00)Dylan Hatfield (10:15) June 22-Anna Holle (8:00)Cheyenne Douglass (10:15) June 29-Morgan Jones (8:00) Rachel Hildebrand (10:15) Projectors June 1-Kaelen Eglen (8:00)John Pierceall (10:15) June 8-Madison Jones (8:00) Hannah Wood (10:15) June 15-Jamie Baker (8:00) Jack Tormoehlen (10:15) June 22-Doris Rorick (8:00) Chloe Bryden (10:15) June 29-Kaelen Eglen (8:00) Kailee Hildebrand (10:15) Flowers June 1-Roger & Delores DouglassJune 8 & 15-Sara Otte June 22 & 29-Shirley Lewis Childrens SermonLeah Otte Welcome Center-Luci Angel (8:00)Linda Seitz (10:15) July Volunteers Greeters Mark and Doris Rorick (8:00) Milton and Laberta Otte (10:15) Communion Assistants Leah Otte (8:00)Dan Davis(10:15) Altar Care July 6-Judy Wonning July 20-Nina Franke July 13 Doris RorickJuly 27-Lou Ann Hoevener Lectors July 6-Leah Otte (8:00) Karen Davis (10:15) July 13-Lois Bryden (8:00)Laberta Otte (10:15) July 20-Jodi Brown (8:00) Marc Fountain (10:15) July 27-Dot Goodwin (8:00)Leon Seitz (10:15) Acolytes July 6-Courtney Mansfield (8:00)Eli Wood (10:15) July 13-Kori Otte (8:00) Sarah Davis (10:15) July 20-Eliana Baker (8:00) Ariel Douglass (10:15) July 27-Erin Otte (8:00) Lyra Claycamp (10:15) Projectors July 6- (8:00) Marc Fountain (10:15) July 13-Jamie Baker (8:00)John Pierceall (10:15) Flowers July 6-Need volunteerJuly 13 & 20-Susie Schnitker July 20 & Aug. 3-Linda Guinn Childrens SermonLou Ann Hoevner Welcome Center-Tammi Reinbold (8:00) Laberta Otte (10:15) WHITLEY ALLISON RIEKER wasbaptized on May 11, 2014. She is the daughter ofChristoph and Erin Rieker. Whitley was born December 28, 2013. her sponsors are Katarina Rieker and Renee Arney. CHURCH COUNCIL ChairmanTerry SearcySecretaryLinda Newkirk Financial SecretaryNathan Otte EldersLarry Lewis & Dean Dringenburg DeaconsMark Hoffmeier & Larry Guinn TreasurerPhyllis Cupp TrusteesHoward Wente & Charlotte Guinn CONGRATULATIONS Adam and Kim (Black) Ingle on the birth of a son. Eli David was born on Sunday, May 25, 2014. His great-grandmother is Florence Otte. CONGRATULATIONS to Kevin and Heidi (Rust)Wheatley on the birth of twin sons. Caleb James and Grant Samuel were born on May 24, 2014. CONGRATULATIONS to J. R. and Jackie (Martin)Davenport on the birth of daughter. Kolby Nicole was born on May 22, 2014. June 1st:Text Philippians 2:1-13 Within this letter of Paul to the believers in Philippi, Paul is encouraging the people to be of the same mind as Jesus Christ.What this means is that we are to be like Jesus, who gave up everything to bring redemption to the world and was fully obedient to God.

June 8th: TextActs 2:1-21 Today brings an end to this year of the narrative lectionary.We have heard the Biblical Story from creation to the crea-tion of the churchthe believers in the mighty act of God in Jesus Christ who are empowered with the Holy Spirit.This text is to commission us to go in the power of the Spirit to follow in the footsteps of the Apostles proclaiming the gospel and being the presence of Christ in our own community.

June 15th: TextEphesians 1:1-14Today, we begin a four week series on the book of Ephesians.The message of the book is that it is God, who is at work in Jesus Christ to put in place a plan for salvation.The letter emphasizes grace and redemption.In the section we hear this day, it lifts up the idea that God was planning something big before we knew it.

June 22nd: Text Ephesians 2:11-22 The author continues the theme of grace and redemption by helping the readers to understand that Gods plan was neces-sary because of the estrangement humanity knew from God and one another.And this division is broken down by Christ. June 29th: Text Ephesians 4:1-16 In this part of the letter, the author moves on to what it means for our lives that God has provided for the redemption of humanity.Because of being given grace, God has gifted us and desires for us to use these gifts for the building up of the body of Christ.God desires us to not always be children but to mature in the faith and live this faith out in daily life. Upcoming Worship Below are the lessons and some thoughts about the upcoming Sundays. Please take some time to look over the lesson and reflect upon the questions inpreparation of the upcoming weeks in worship. BORCHERS PRESCHOOL: The preschool has openings for two Assistant Teachers.The preschool is in session from August through May and meets on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings.People inter-ested in applying for this position should sub-mit a resume to Pastor Steve or Carolyn by June 22nd.A job description is available from Pastor Steve.Any questions, please talk with Carolyn or Pastor. CHURCH SECRETARY POSITION: Our current Church Secretary, Wendy Rotert, has accepted a full-time position with a company and thus has resigned as Church secretary.The coun-cil is beginning a search for a person to fill this posi-tion.People (the position is open to both members and non-members of the congregation) interested in applying for this position should submit a resume to Pastor Steve by 5:30 PM on June 9th.The posi-tion requires knowledge of basic secretarial func-tions, computer competency, good interpersonal and communication skills, organizational skills, and the ability to keep confidential information.A full job description is available from Pastor Steve.Any questions, please talk with Pastor. Encourage one another and build up each other MISSION CARE/ COMMUNITY CARE: ST. PAULS next Red Cross Blood Drive will take place in the preschool area on Sunday, June 22, from 8:00 AM to 12 NOON.


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