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It is a presentation about netiquette.


  • 1. NetiquetteBy: Llus Jimnez

2. Netiquette refers to the right way to interact with other people through computers. After this, you will be able to: Explain an emotional barrier. Use proper netiquette for business and personal e-mail 3. An emotional barrier is anything that prevents clear communication in e-mail Only text. Lack of cues like tone of voice and facial expressionsIf you react strongly to an e-mail Assume the writer had good intentions. Use the phone or meet in person to clarify the message. 4. To make sure your e-mail is clear, think 3 times Before writing After writing Before sending 5. Use specific subject lines Think about using smilies and Internet shorthand Ask, What would I say if we were face-to-face? 6. Create clear subject lines. Identify yourself. Follow the rules of grammar and usage. Use spell check. 7. Respond within 24 hours. Dont forward or copy anothers e-mail without permission.Remember . . . another human being is at the other end of your message.