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  • 1. This power point will teach others that there is etiquette in the world wide web . *All images are from ClipArt Netiquette
  • 2. Netiquette is just a big and fancy word for having etiquette on the internet. One rule to have proper etiquette is to say or do things to others that you would want them to say or do things to you!
  • 3. What to do when uncomfortable.
  • 4. Netiquette Ned Netiquette Ned is a global system of interconnected computer networks. Netiquette is a set of rules, so people use good manors online.
  • 5. Basic Rules of Netiquette:
  • 6. What Is Flame? Flame is an argument between two people, when they dont care what they are saying and how it affects the other person. How Can You Avoid Flame? Dont use capital letters when talking to another friend and use more smiley faces.
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    • T he internet is a network of interconnected computers. The internet can be used for talking to other people, finding information and much more. WWW means World Wide Web. Internet Browsers allow you to search on the internet. Two of them are Netscape and Internet Explorer. Three benefits from joining the internet are you have easy access recourses, develop skill and have help.
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    • The internet is full of information, but there are things that you shouldnt give out.