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  1. 1. NetiquetteThe key to valued online forum behavior2013
  2. 2. Communication Goals Always contribute to the discussion with a thought toprovide valuable assistance Provide positive communication rather than negative views Be open to positive review and learn from the experience Make notes on those points of interest, to allow later reviewand consideration
  3. 3. Be Polite Always consider participant feelings when communicating Discussions should be based on mutual respect for eachother Use appropriate language for the target specific audience Be open to other points of view
  4. 4. Discussion Relevance When communicating, always consider the discussion topic Always provide accurate information and be precise in yourcommunication Dont wander from the topic or include miss-informationthat detracts from the main points Always try to provide valuable, positive discussion ratherthan negative feeds
  5. 5. Access & Equity All communication in forums, once posted is to be consideredpublic domain. Dont overstep your role as either a student or a facilitator withregard to the use of personal details Personal support should be provided by the facilitator with regardto issues relating to access and equity Respect within the learning environment for all participants willbe required at all times, valuing cultural differences, religion, race,intellect and personal views
  6. 6. Standards of Behavior Communicate freely but always consider the human aspect to theconversation even though you may not be able to see them Be aware that if the facilitator deems inappropriate behavior hasoccurred, measures will be taken to restrict repeat offences andrepercussions may occur as result of the offence Always communicate in the same manner as you would wish tobe communicated to. Always try to encourage a positive participation from thediscussion group
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