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Welcome to the July edition of the Nash E-Zine.


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    The Word From The Top


    It only seems like yesterday, the year was under way with snow on the ground and now its already bloody June. Or should I say its flaming June not!

    Weve had the coldest spring I can remember and now it never seems to stop raining, still the positive is that this wet humid weather is really kicking off the wildlife, we are getting amazing insect hatches at our lakes and the fish are responding, thus fat, healthy and having it!

    I personally have been doing a lot of floater fishing lately, I will confess that its not something Ive focused on in past years but Ive really got into it and Im learning a lot which is epic and one ofthe wonderful things about carp fishing you never stop learning.

    On a less pleasing front, our supply of product is really crap at the minute for which I give my deepest apologies. I guess you guys and girls dont want to hear excuses you just want your gear to go fishing none the less this is out of our control. No company can supply in the fishing industry or outside. The problem is that China cannot cope with the up-surge in orders after last years recession where 50,000 factories went bust and millions of Chinese people were laid off work, so like I said, sorry but please bear with us.

    Have a great summer and get those Bolt Machines out theyre awesome!

    All the best,

    Kevin Nash

    *Kevin with a recent surface capture

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  • I will probably start every piece like this Its been another busy couple of months!!! But busy is good, I like it this way and as usual there is a real buzz at Nash.

    Its now the middle of June and everything has really kicked off! What with the lovely warm weather and the majority of fish starting to get over their spawning period, the tackle shop tills are ringing and were dispatching lorry loads of goods a number of times each day. Although that statement may appear like everything is going sweet, it isnt, let me explain. Yes, weve got the innovation, selling loads of pukka product and creating that demand, but there are plenty of hurdles along the way, the big one of late is Supply.

    If you are one of the people who in recent weeks have gone to their local tackle shop to purchase an item of Nash gear and it hasnt been available, then I must apologise.

    Although we are all working to the absolute maximum to meet your demands, there are problems with suppliers that are beyond our control. I totally understand that

    when you go to a tackle shop and that item isnt there, you guys dont want to hear the excuse its late because of our suppliers. We pride ourselves on our level of service and excellence that is renowned throughout the trade; we try our hardest to look after our valued customers too, let me briefly explain the current facts.

    Obtaining product this year is proving problematic for all suppliers of fishing tackle, in fact there is a worldwide supply problem across all types of manufacture. This has been caused by last years recession - in China alone, 50,000 factories closed and hundreds of millions of people lost their jobs. America has now recovered and is placing substantial orders in the Far East where there are insufficient raw materials, manufacturing or workers trained to cope with this up-turn.

    This has impacted on the lead times and therefore all shipments are overdue by an average of 60 days.

    So again, I can only apologise and say that this is a matter of utmost urgency for Nash and we are doing everything possible to rectify any supply issues as soon as possible.

    LIFE AT NASH Alan Blair

  • On a brighter note, around three weeks ago it was Christmas Day in the office when Kevin and myself opened 14 boxes of 2011 product samples. Of course, not everything was perfect (and in some cases way off the mark) however a lot of the ideas that had been conceived, discussed, researched, designed and evaluated were finally in the office ready for the next step to move things forward. One particular product is a new innovative design unhooking mat. I actually forgot the relevant information to give to our supplier for this product and as a result had to think on my feet. I ended up creating the said product using a piece of A4 paper, scissors and a stapler! We have received the sample back and its perfect, thats job satisfaction.

    We are now creating notes and feedback on all the relevant product and already a vast amount of the items are out on test either in or around the on site lakes, or out on the bank with our consultants. Im really buzzing and cant wait to start letting you guys know a little more.

    The Nash Fishery Roadshow is another exciting venture that we are experimenting with this year. Without doubt, the best way to explain something to someone is face to face with the product available, its even better if you have a lake nearby! That was the thought process of the Nash Fishery Roadshow. Find a suitable venue, get the Nash team down there and demonstrate, teach and educate the angler in everything from Spodding to fish care to bivvy cooking and creating rigs. At each event we cover all elements of carp fishing in live, on the bank scenarios allowing the visitor to use the product and make their own mind up about it.

    So far we have visited Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire, Cobble acres in Norfolk, Birds Green in Essex, Todber Manor in Dorset as well as events in Belgium, Holland and France!

    Ive received plenty of very positive emails from the general public (and tackle shops) in both the UK and Europe and although its a new concept for Nash, its definitely working and I hope that anyone who has visited an event found it an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

    Overall, all shows have been a massive success for Nash. Yes, maybe a few more visitors would have been nice, however I do believe that too many people will just decrease the amount of attention that each visitor receives. Its all about a good balance, correct venue, location, level of advertising and promotion, all of which I have taken on board to ensure the next shows we do will be even more successful.

  • If any of you reading this have attended one of the Fishery Roadshow dates then I would be extremely grateful if you have any feedback, likes/dislikes, positives and negatives, ideas for the future etc as these will all go towards putting on bigger and better shows in the future. And if any of you managed to bank some fish whilst fishing with one of our team members, then Well Done.

    Ive spent a lot of time over the last couple of months on the bank assisting with the creation of a new promotional DVD that the media team have been working on. This DVD looks at a journey of Rig Development, focussing on Kevins complete thought process and theories concerning rigs, why they work, why they may stop working and how to get the takes coming again. It really is a masterpiece featuring a lifetime of knowledge, invaluable to the new comer and more than enough to get the more experience anglers amongst us thinking and revaluating tactics. The lads have been working long hours preparing and editing material, its available soon and well worth the wait!

    As for my fishing yep, been out there doing it! It really is a very important part of working in the Tackle Industry and Im sticking to my fishing plans ensuring Im up to speed on methods, techniques and practicing what I preach at all shows.

    I mentioned last month about getting out and doing some Tench and Bream fishing utilising the new range of Fish Frenzy baits that are now available. I didnt get as much done as I planned, however I have had a few nice bream up to 9lb 14oz on the Strawberry and Halibut Squidgees. I have been fishing small over weighted method feeders loaded with Talapia Method Mix - This is a new fishmeal groundbait that Nash Baits Gary Bayes has developed. Like any new edge you bring to a water, the results have been exceptional. As yet I havent had any proper Tench however what with the sun now out at 4.00 in the morning its definitely time to grab the weedrake, get the waggler out and try for some sunrise stunners.

    I also paid a visit to Hampshire for a few days stopping off to fish the superb Todber Fishery where I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish their new water - Little Hayes. A cracking venue with some absolutely stunning fish. It wasnt fishing particularly well, however I managed a few on zigs, small baits and bags of pellets and my largest fish (18lb) on the fly rod with a small piece of black foam.

    From there I went onto Longleate for an afternoon/evening of surface fishing, before the entire lake started to spawn. Again, a brilliant venue and one I will definitely be visiting again, they loved a floater and I managed to catch 9 fish, on the Bolt machines, to just over 23lb.

    LIFE AT NASH Alan Blair

  • Whilst working my weekends at shows I always try to get one evening in on either the venue of the show or a suitable venue close by. Whilst in Belgium I caught a proper old mirror from a local canal that weighed exactly 30lb. Due to the long day of getting the show organised, I didnt manage to flick my choddies out until 2.00 in the morning! At 5.00 a.m. I was awoken to an absolute one toner as the pineapple choddie rod was going into meltdown. After a good 15minute battle I slipped the net under the fish and being honest, I let out a small cheer!

    On top of that Ive had a pukka 43lb Mirror from Church Pool on slow sinking bread, a load of other surface caught carp from local venues and a PB Asp! I caught the Asp in Holland whilst spr