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  • For Employees by Employees

    ManateE-zine July 2012

    Manatee County healthy initiatives receive regional, national recognition

    In June, the National Association of Counties awarded Manatee County with a First Place Prize (Suburban County

    Category) in the National County Government Month Award program for Aprils month-long Healthy Counties, Healthy Communities celebration.

    Manatee also fared well in One Bays Walk to the Moon Challenge that had teams from businesses, local governments and neighborhoods committed to covering a

    total of 238,857 miles in seven weeks from April 4 through May 23. For teams between 100 - 250 participants, Manatee County Government won for total miles

    walked (21,289 miles) and for highest average miles walked per participant (90 miles).

    The events fall in line with Manatee County Commissions unanimous vote to endorse a Culture of Health throughout Manatee County last September. The resolution touts a number of healthy measures Manatee County Government has taken to improve the wellness of its employees including encouraging employees to participate in educational wellness programs focused on nutrition and healthier eating.

    County employees took those efforts to the public in April as part of the region-wide One Bay Challenge. Throughout the month Manatee County Government, Manatee

    County Health Department and the Manatee County Clerk of Courts office hosted more than 40 community events focusing on improving physical, social, behavioral, environ-

    mental and economic health. The month-long celebration culminated with the Spring into Health event at Bennett Park, April 26.

    These awards are a real testament to this organizations dedication to healthier lifestyle choices and the profound buy-in weve had with our employees who are coming to work healthier than ever, said Deputy County Administrator Karen Windon who spearheaded Healthy Counties Month. Im also thrilled that so many participated.

    Manatee will be recognized during the NACo Annual Conference, July 13-17, in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh).

    ManateeChoice gave Healthbucks awards to two lucky people.

    Those who walked at least 150 miles were put into a drawing for two awards - 1. $245 in Health Bucks 2. $150 in Healthbucks. Our Health bucks winners were Anthony Carr (MSO) - $250 and Aimie Johnson (Utilities) $150.

    The Manatee County Govern-

    ment Team walked a total of

    21288.967 miles.

    Our top team members were -

    Andy Ramdath (MSO) - 595.1

    Callie MaCleod - 509.4195 miles

    Janice Haas - 509.289 miles (Public Works)

  • 2The Library NookManatee County Library Logo ContestCongratulations to the winners of the Manatee County Public Library Contest for a new motto and logo to promote our wonderful libraries in our community. Our new motto is Sunshine for Your Mind which really embodies all the wonderful materials and programs one finds when coming into one of our 6 Manatee County libraries.

    The new motto was submitted by Mollie Sluss and our new logo was designed by Rino Landa. He created a bookshelf with two Manatee bookends. One Manatee is reading a book and one is using a laptop. This represents both our print users as well as our on-line community of users. The books on the shelf represent our 5 library branches with the symbol of the sun as the Central Library anchor. It ended up work-ing beautifully with the new motto chosen. The winners each won a new Kindle Fire.

    We had over 200 entries. The community support was amazing for this contest. Half of the entries were from students. We had a special award given to our top student entry. It was submitted by Serenity Dodd. Check out our Manatee County Library Facebook page to see the winning designs and photos from our awards ceremony at the Central Library on July 16th. Thanks to everyone who participated.

    Employee Health BenefitsBiggest Loser Contest at Public SafetyTotal Weight Loss 403 lbsSubmitted by Renee Isom of Public Safety and Manatee YourChoice Center for Health & Lifestyle Management

    Employees at Public Safety formed their own Biggest Loser Competition this year and had INCREDIBLE RESULTS!!!

    Renee writes: Congratulations to everyone who signed up for the Public Safety Biggest Loser Contest. Some of you did incredible and have been an inspiration to us all. For the contestants who didnt do as well as they would have liked, please know you made a positive step when you signed up by openly recognizing a desire to be healthier. We dont all get to be the biggest losers, but we are all winners!

    Public Safety Biggest Loser Stats Total Weight Loss 403 lbs

    Our Biggest Loser Winners are:

    1. Kawanna Brewer - Lost 21.44% $156 (Total Winnings $196.05)

    2. Heather Hedgecock - Lost 18.83% (Total Winnings $89)

    3. Mike Turner - Lost 17.95% $67 (Total Winnings $133.75)

    Congratulations from all of us!

    Mid-Point Winners last April: Mike Turner $66.75 Kawanna Brewer $40.05 Mike Petrilla $26.70

    Manatee Countys Yweight Program makes the Bradenton Herald!Check out the article that was published in the Bradenton Herald regarding Yweight and Heather Hedgcocks success!

    For more informa-tion on Manatee

    Countys libraries visit them on the

    web or like them on Facebook!

  • 3Calendar of EventsAugust 2012To view Parks & Recreation programs and activities, click here.

    To view Marauders baseball events and activities, click here.

    Tech TalkAre You Still Paying for Home Virus Protection?By Mike Brown, Information TechnologyAre you using Norton antivirus at home? Or MacAfee? Or any other paid virus

    protection for your home computer? Then you should read this The

    County provides all the protection you need at work but, what about

    your home computer? Although no one knows for sure it is estimated

    that there are about 100 viruses written everyday and about

    250,000 known viruses in circulation today. Any one

    of these could severely damage your computer or steal your identity. There are lots and lots of

    opinions on the date of birth of the first computer virus. I only know for sure that there were no viruses on the

    Babbage machine, but the Univac 1108 and IBM 360/370 quickly got them (Pervading Animal and Christmas tree). Therefore the first virus was born in the beginning of 1970s or even in the end of 1960s, although nobody was calling it a virus then.

    Lets talk of the earliest history: Brain, Vienna, Cascade, etc. Those who started using IBM PCs as far back as mid-80s might still remember the epidemic of these viruses. Letters were dropping from dis-plays, crowds of users rushing towards monitor service people (much like these days, when hard disk drives die from old age but some unknown virus is to blame). Their computers started playing a hymn like Yankee Doodle, but by then people were already clever (and nobody tried to fix their speakers) very soon it became clear that the problem wasnt with the hard-ware, it was a virus, and not even a single one, more like a dozen.

    However, virus protec-tion is expensive. Currently Norton antivirus is selling for $40 a license and it is a very CPU intensive application. Other antivirus pro-tection software runs about the same amount. Sometimes the slowdown of an antivirus program is worse than having a virus. However, there is a safe and sim-ple solution, provides one of the best virus protection applications I personally have found. It is light, secure and updates its virus definitions daily and the best part is it is completely free. Now, you are probably wondering what the catch is Well there is one but, it is small. When you are downloading the free version it will ask you if you want to upgrade to the paid version. Simply decline and continue to download the free version. Then, once a year it will ask you to renew your license in which they encourage you to purchase the paid version. That is it, no pop ups asking you to upgrade, no lockouts until you upgrade just two requests to upgrade. After that you get years of great virus protection for free.

    Theres no excuse for traveling the internet without virus protection and now theres no excuse to pay for it anymore. I have been using it for about 5 years and have never had a problem or a virus. You should too

    As of July 13, 4 Yweight events were held out of 12; 605 participants completed their weight-out for Plan Year 2013 Health Bucks and weigh-in for Plan Year 2014 Health Bucks. Of those 605, 67% met their Yweight goal. By next month we hope to report that all 2600 registered Yweight Participants attended because even if participants didnt reach their goal for this year this was their opportu-nity for a FRESH START and to stay enrolled in the program for the following year. Stay tuned for the final results of Yweight!

  • 4Toastmasters TidbitLaws of Positive Leadership, Part 2By Victor ParachinMissed laws 1 - 5 of positive leadership? Check out the first part of this story in the May/June 2012 E-zine.

    Show respect for people around you.Your words and actions will show how much you value other peoples contribu-tions. Consider the example of Katharine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post. Although she led a powerful and influen-tial newspaper in the nations capital, she did so with compassion, kindness, humility and sincerity. Graham was well-known and highly regarded for the humble, respectful way she treated those who worked for the paper.

    One who admired her for those qualities was Richard Cohen, a columnist for the Washington Post. He tells of a hot, humid Sunday in July when a tent was erected on the Posts parking lot. It was for a com-pany par