mr. cappetta teaches geography/history and writing. mrs. greene teaches science and writing. mrs....

Download Mr. Cappetta teaches Geography/History and Writing. Mrs. Greene teaches Science and Writing. Mrs. Pias teaches Math and Writing. Mrs. Bowman teaches

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  • Mr. Cappetta teaches Geography/History and Writing. Mrs. Greene teaches Science and Writing. Mrs. Pias teaches Math and Writing. Mrs. Bowman teaches all subjects. Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Wendt teach Reading and Writing.
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  • Events Calendar Reminders Grading Policies Class Expectations Teachers e-mail Homework Assignments School Hours Team Schedule ACCESSING THE TEACHERS WEB PAGES Regional School District No. 17
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  • Use Mr. Englishs Weblog regularly:
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  • Students must become self-advocates. The following situations require the STUDENT to contact his/her teacher(s). 1. Understanding/clarifying progress reports 2. Clarifying/understanding a grade, class work, or assignment 3. Seating issues 4. Obtaining materials and/or missed assignments, especially after an absence 5. Altercations in or outside classes 6. Difficulties with the schedule, locker, or other problem Students are expected to speak to teachers directly or use e-mail to communicate with their teachers. Students are expected to accurately report to parents. Dear Mrs. Greene, I need HELP!!! Love, Your Student MOM! Mr. Cappetta said I could keep him!
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  • *Math homework, the math notebook, the math workbook, and a pencil are required DAILY for class. *Students are expected to know multiplication and division facts and will be tested each week on their facts. These scores will be included in their grade. Please make sure your child studies his/her facts. *Homework completion and class preparation are tallied and included in each students average. Every student begins every marking period with 100 points. Five points are deducted each time a student is not prepared with homework or class required items. *STUDENTS are strongly encouraged to ask questions in class and seek extra help if they do not understand the concepts taught. Class participation is extremely important. *Tests are announced ONE WEEK in advance. Quizzes are announced at least three days in advance. *EXTRA HELP SESSIONS are offered DURING SCHOOL TIME prior to all tests and quizzes. Mrs. Pias will also be available after school on Wednesdays. Students wishing to stay after should notify Mrs. Pias by Tuesday and must bring a dismissal note for the office. *Please view the test re-take and class grading policies on Mrs. Piass web page.
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  • *Class preparation is essential. Students need a pencil or pen, and homework. *All parts of homework assignments must be completed neatly and submitted on time. Homework completion is part of the history grade. *CLASS PARTICIPATION is extremely important. Students should be ready to try their best, be attentive, and ask and answer questions. *Tests are announced a week prior to the testing date. Tests are a major portion of the history grade. If a student is absent the day of the test, they are required to take the test UPON THEIR RETURN TO SCHOOL. *Homework completion and class preparation are tallied and included in each students average. Every student begins every marking period with 100 points.
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  • *All students have a science notebook. It must be IN CLASS DAILY. *A Science Safety Contract is signed by the student and a parent. *Even though students work in a lab group to collect data, they are graded on THEIR OWN notes and final projects. *There is a rubric for every science project. All rubrics may be accessed from COURSE RESOURCES on Mrs. Greenes web site. Students know what is expected for each assignment. *Unit vocabulary is posted in COURSE RESOURCES on Mrs. Greenes web site. *Tests are announced ONE WEEK in advance. Quizzes are announced at least two days in advance. There are NO POP ASSESSMENTS. If a student is absent, they are expected to take the test UPON THEIR RETURN to school. *Please review Mrs. Greenes web page for classroom expectations, grading policy, and homework assignments. *Please use e-mail exclusively when contacting Mrs. Greene.
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  • *Students must have a pleasure reading book AT ALL TIMES. *Class preparation is counted in the reading grade. *Please view Mrs. Millss web site for information about classroom expectations and grading policies. *The more a student reads, the more a student achieves in reading. There is a direct correlation between reading volume and reading achievement. *Reading for meaning involves actively thinking about what is read. *Written responses to reading reflect the students understanding and experiences. *The reading grade includes fluency, vocabulary acquisition, reading using comprehension strategies, and elaborated written responses.
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  • STUDY SKILLS *Write assignments in the agenda book. *Check teachers web pages for homework assignments, course resources, and useful links. *Check the pods calendar for test dates. *Use the online history and spelling book links. *Use the study guides completed in class. *Plan time for study. *Make a QUIET study area. *Do not wait until the last minute to study. *Ask teachers for help or clarification.
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  • *Class preparation is a part of the writing grade. *Students use a writing journal. *Spelling and grammar are part of the writing program. *Students are expected to apply grammar and spelling rules in their written work IN ALL CLASSES. *Students use the writing process (planning, drafting, revising, editing, publishing, and reflecting) to develop written pieces. *Expository (informational) writing is a primary focus. *Grammar quizzes are given periodically.
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  • Class preparation is 10% of each grade (History, Science, Writing, Reading) and 5% in Math. Students begin the marking period with 100 points. Each time a student is not prepared for class, points are deducted from the 100. Being prepared for class means: *the student has the appropriate textbook(s) and/or workbook(s). *the student has the required writing tool(s). *the student has the assigned homework. *the student has the required notebook. *the student has the applicable handout(s). *the student has an independent reading book. If any of the classroom requirements are missing, points are taken. The points are removed only ONCE, even if the student is missing more than one of the items listed. He/She is deemed unprepared for class if ANY of the items are missing. Each teacher decides how many points are deducted from the 100. Check each teachers grading policy for grading information. All deductions are documented.
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  • 1.Access using your password. 2. Find your childs class average. 3. Find any assignments your child missed. 4. Missing assignments appear as a 50% until the assignment is submitted. If the assignment is not submitted, the grade remains 50%. 5. Categories in Classroll are WEIGHTED. Calculating a simple average of all the grades is not possible. 6. All assignments have a category number. These categories are visible in the teachers grading policies. 7. CHECK CLASSROLL.COM OFTEN. E-mail your childs teacher(s) if you have questions. 8.Hold your CHILD accountable for his/her work. 9.If you do not have a user name/password, please complete the No User Name/Password sheet on the back table and give it to Mrs. Wendt.
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  • *Illness: An extra day for homework submission for each day of absence is allowed. *Tardy: STUDENTS are responsible for work missed in classes. Parents must sign the Tardy Book, or the late entrance to school is NOT excused. A student is TARDY after 8:05 AM. *Vacations (other than school vacations): Homework is not issued in advance of the vacation. Students are required to obtain and complete missed work upon their return to school. Students are allowed a one day grace period for each day absent to complete and submit missed work. Vacation homework includes reading a book and journal writing or practicing skills such as multiplication and division facts. ATTENDANCE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL PREPARED AND ON TIME.
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  • Please do not schedule doctor, dentist, or orthodontist appointments during the mornings in March. Please do not plan vacations during the month of March. Please encourage you child to DO THEIR BEST WORK. The tests are extremely important. They reflect your childs achievement and show areas of weakness. They are valuable tools.
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  • CELL PHONE POLICY The use of CELL PHONES is strictly prohibited during school hours. NO cell phones are allowed in the classroom at any time. Students must have a Cell Phone Permission Form on file in the office to carry a cell phone to school. The phone must be OFF and in the students LOCKER during school hours. Please review the Districts Cell Phone Policy and direct any questions to Mr. English. Improperly stowed cell phones or cell phones in use during school hours are immediately confiscated.
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