welcome! mrs. ward’s reading/writing intervention class www.mrswardsreading.com

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  • Welcome!Mrs. Wards Reading/Writing Intervention Classwww.mrswardsreading.com

  • Goal for the class:To expand skills in reading comprehension & fluency To expand skills in writing organization, ideas/content, voiceEnhance vocabulary skillsEMPOWER KIDS TO LOVE READING!!

  • 7th Grade8th GradeJustice Identity: self, places, times The Human Spirit6th GradeMonsters & Acceptance

  • Reading quizzes, MAZE reading, fluency checks, MAP testing, Writing samples over time, writing rubrics,

  • 3,000 students w/limited literacy skills drop out of school every day in this country. Kids who do the most recreational reading become the best readers-reading up to 4,700,000 more words per year. Struggling readers who do not read voraciously will never catch up. Internet reading produces shallower reading than book reading.55% of people who read below basic are unemployed.Learning to read vs. becoming a true reader is like night and day.

  • UNDERSTANIDNG TEXTSummarizingCreating ConnectionsInferringClose Reading/AnnotatingSelf-RegulatingRESPONDING TO TEXTCite textual evidence to support personal opinionsDetermine how elements of literature shape the development of the story over time.

    PRODUCING TEXTWriting different styles/genres/purposesSpeaking: Engage in effective, collaborative discussionsCRITIQUING TEXTEvaluate the authors use of literary devicesMake judgments of a works worth, value, bias

  • HAVE KIDS READ FOR FUN! Support ourchoice book reading project.Make sure kids re-read the weekly story at home sign.

    Use & check their agenda/DPR to make sure homework is understood and completed.

    Help with e-mail, flash drives, Google Docs as tools

    Check PowerSchool & Schoology -www.mrswardsreading.com for updates on HW & grades

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