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Born SickPremature ageingnormal ageingLife enhancement

If we are not aware about probability of failure due to complexity but at least we should be aware about consequence if things fail and have the barriers and monitoring as well as its hazard control .


High Temperature Sulfidation52 just upstream of bend ruptured Low Silicon CS


Tesoro Refinery, 2 Apr 2010, six fatalities

Thinning & Over pressurization

Shock Condensation & UDCBadly failed after 11 months of operation


Integrated Integrity of Entire Plant from cradle to grave


Desired operational reliability & safety between TAs Desired optimum plant run-length time between TAsMaximum cost effective life out of aging equipment without failureOptimum inspection interval for each item Optimum spending on Capex and Revex Plant Site:5 strategic goals

For the proactive culture to survive over the long term, it takes significant management energy as well as a strong commitment from all levels of the organization

Change Reactive to Proactive Culture We, as Site management be passionate in overcoming the organizational inertia built around a reactive culture. In the past, companies that were successful in making the proactive transition were under intense economic pressure - they had to become reliable or go out of business. If management energy is removed, the culture will quickly return to being reactive.

Reactive Culture over Proactive Culture is Desirable in attending Fire & safety matters