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1. MICROSOFT Inc. 2. OUTLINE Introduction Vision and Mission History Worldwide company strength About Microsoft segments and Products Fun facts about Microsoft 3. INTRODUCTION Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational software corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. The worlds largest software maker measured by revenues. It is also one of the worlds most valuable company. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. 4. VISION AND MISSION 5. INTRODUCTION ABOUT OWNER William Henry "Bill" Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, computer programmer, and investor. Gates originally established his reputation as the co-founder of Microsoft, the worlds largest PC software company, with Paul Allen. 6. MOTIVATION TO START THE COMPANY Paul Allen and Bill Gates, childhood friends with a passion in computer programming, were seeking to make a successful business utilizing their shared skills. They developed the interpreter on a simulator. They demonstrated the interpreter to MITS in Albuquerque, New Mexico in March 1975 They officially established Microsoft on April 4, 1975, with Gates as the CEO. 7. HISTORY 1975- Microsoft is founded ;they sell BASIC, the first PC computer language program to MITS Computer, Microsoft's first customer. 1981- Microsoft Inc. is incorporated; IBM uses Microsoft's 16-bit operating system for its first personal computer. 1983- Microsoft introduces the Microsoft Mouse andWord for MS-DOS 1.00. . 1985- Microsoft and IBM forge a joint development agreement and launch Windows 1.0 1989- Microsoft co-develop SQL server 1.0. 8. CONT. 1992- IntroducingWindows 3.1 1994- Windows NT 1995- Windows 95 2000- First Beta of .NET Framework released 2001- Windows XP released 9. CONT. 2003- Windows Server launched. 2007- WindowsVista was released with Microsoft Office 2007. 2008- Bill Gates leaves Microsoft to persue charity work. 2009- Windows 7 released 2012- Windows 8 launches 2013- Windows 8.1 with Office 2013 releases 10. WORLDWIDE COMPANY STRENGTH 110 subsidiaries $580 billion partner revenue 90000 employees 191 countries 640000 partners 11. Advanced Technology Applications and Services Engineering Group Cloud and Enterprise Engineering Group Devices Group Dynamics Operating Systems Engineering Group Technology and Research Business Development and Evangelism Group Finance Group HR Group Legal and Corporate Affairs Group MICROSOFT SEGMENTS 12. CONT Marketing Group Operations Kevin Turner leads worldwide sales, field marketing, services, support, and stores as well as IT, licensing and commercial operations. Strategy Mark Penn leads Strategy, responsible for core strategic issues across Microsofts products, value propositions and investments, and leads the companys competitive research and analysis. 13. PRODUCTS OWNED BY MICROSOFT Bing Windows DirectX Xbox - Game Console Microsoft Office Internet Explorer MSN Microsoft Office MicrosoftWindows Server Skype Nokia 14. MICROSOFT OFFICE The software product includes : Word (a word processor) Access (a personal relational database application) Excel (a spreadsheet program) Outlook (Groupware, frequently used with Exchange Server) PowerPoint (presentation software) Publisher (desktop publishing software) 15. OFFICE 365 An online office and software plus services suite named which is a subscription service for Microsoft Office products. A number of other products were added later with the release of Office 2013 including : Visio Project MapPoint InfoPath OneNote 16. VISUAL STUDIO The company's set of programming tools and compilers. The software product is GUI-oriented and links easily with the Windows APIs. The current version isVisual Studio 2013. Visual Studio supports development for both nativeWindows platform and .NET Framework. Various free editions are also offered for Windows Runtime, Windows Phone, ASP.NET andWindows desktop development. 17. MICROSOFT AZURE The company's cloud computing platform that hosts virtual machines, websites and more. It provides both platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) services. It supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. 18. MICROSOFT SERVERS Microsoft offers a suite of server software, entitled Microsoft Servers for private clouds. Windows Server 2012. SQL Server Exchange Server. Systems Management Server. 19. WINDOWS EMBEDDED A group of operating systems designed to be used in embedded systems. Windows CE Windows Embedded Standard Windows Embedded Industry and more. 20. WINDOWS Windows 3.1 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows XP Windows Server 2003 WindowsVista Windows 7 Windows 8, andWindows Server 2008. Windows 8.1 21. STRENGTH Flexible workforce Multinational corporation operating through regional subsidiaries to minimize cultural differences in more than 60 countries Software products have high name recognition Revenues and profits rising at 30% a year Windows 95, 98, 2000 series, and Windows NT 22. WEAKNESS Microsoft leadership failed to correctly anticipate the growth or popularity of the Internet. Not a key player in the Internet space, wireless market and few products for Internet applications. Dependency on hardware manufacturers to pre-install Microsoft's PC operating system. 23. OPPORTUNITY Cheaper global telecommunication costs open new markets as people connect to the Internet. The demand for personal computers in American and global markets remains strong despite the growth and increasing popularity of personal handheld devices. 24. THREAT Apple and Linux threaten Microsoft's 88% market share of the desktop operating market. Hardware manufacturers are issuing their own pre-bundled programs on their own hardware. Rapid development of mobile devices. Software piracy. 25. FUN FACTS ABOUT MICROSOFT The first ever mention of Microsoft was in the letter from Bill-Gates to co-founder Paul Allen in 1975. The blibbet logo shown below refers to stylized o and was apparently once was the name of burger served in the Microsoft company cafeteria. 26. CONT. The Microsoft sound: Pioneering musician Brian Eno was the musical brains behind windows 95s start tune dubbed The Microsoft sound . Microsoft has spilt its stock nine times since it went public back in 1986 and the company will generally split its stock when its share prize goes too high. Microsoft is one of the largest corporate collectors of artworks over 5,000 contemporary pieces including paintings, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, ceramics, studio glass and multimedia works.